Christmas Gift Ideas for All the Family

Make Christmas gifting easy this year with Dualit's range of presents that will impress everyone from the keen home baker to coffee connoisseurs. Combining reliability, performance and sleek designs, together with exceptional quality, there is something for all foodies and house proud homebodies.

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How to prolong the life of your coffee machine

OSCAR Water Softening Bags (OSCAR Bags) are an innovative descaling treatment used to soften the water in your coffee machine and help prevent a build-up of limescale. OSCAR Bags are suitable for all Dualit pump espresso coffee machines with water tanks.*

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3 Day Juice & Smoothie Detox

An easy-to-follow detox plan great for anyone new to juicing. After just three days your body will have started to rid itself of toxins to leave you feeling energised.

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12 Nutrient rich fruit and vegetables

Juicing and blending fruit and vegetables is an easy way of getting your '5 a day' and more. You will recognise that some ingredients are regularly featured in juice and smoothie recipes because of their high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Here are some of the most nutrient dense fruit and vegetables and why you should be including them in your diet!

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Diary of a Juice Detox

Dualit's Sharyn puts juice therapist Lesley Hawker's 3 Day Juice & Smoothie Detox to the test! Read on to find out just how Sharyn found three days of juicing and how she felt by the end of the plan.

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Top 10 Tips for Juicing Success

Lesley Hawker was one of the UK's first qualified Natural Juice Therapists and has over 30 years' experience in the fitness industry. Here, Lesley shares her top ten tips for successful juicing with Dualit.

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Tala's Guide to Cake Decorating

Have you ever iced and decorated a cake? Well with a little practice you will soon be able to ice cakes for any occasion.

This step-by-step beginner's guide to decorating cakes has been written by the baking experts at Tala, one of Britain's best loved kitchenware brands. Once you have mastered some of the basic techniques covered in this guide, you will be eager to expand your skills and start experimenting with your own decoration ideas!

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#BeAware: Important Safety Information

Electrical appliances are essential items to have in any kitchen, but like most electrical gadgets they pose a risk if used incorrectly. Please read the instruction book that comes with your appliance and take note of these important safety points:

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Easter Entertaining with Dualit

From egg hunts in the park to delicious feasts with friends and family, Easter provides the perfect reason to spend time with loved ones. Here, we pick out top Dualit buys that will help you ensure Easter is stress-free and full of delectable treats!

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#BetterWithDualit – Blogger Antonia Ludden’s Top Coffee Bar Picks

Blogger Antonia Ludden from top interiors blog #TidyLife has been sharing her tips for bringing a coffee bar vibe to your kitchen, featuring our Espress-auto 4 in 1 machine.

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