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In addition to our award-winning, own-brand coffee, we offer an extensive private label programme that includes aluminium coffee capsules, compostable coffee capsules, compostable coffee bags, one cup coffee filters and the revolutionary EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities helps coffee producers from small batch roasters to retailers and household name brands develop their own, bespoke coffee products. We work closely with our clients through each stage of the production process from pre-production trials to packaging artwork to the finished product, to make it an easy, efficient and friendly experience.

Create your own coffee brand

We offer a range of white label coffees, including single origin, organic and Fairtrade options. All expertly sourced, roasted and packaged. If you have your own, bespoke blend that you want bring to a wider market, Dualit will work with you to create compostable coffee bags, compostable capsules, or aluminium capsules. All our capsules are Nespresso® compatible*.

Why choose Dualit

  • UK production helps reduce delivery time and carbon footprint
  • Our in-house engineering and production teams
  • We conduct compatibility testing to ensure optimum capsule performance with all new-to-market coffee machines, as well as regularly testing compatibility with existing machines
  • We offer a range of pack sizes and boxes to suit your needs​
  • We have experience of working with a variety of customers, from small batch roasters to high-street brands
  • We own design registrations and patents for all of our products

Legal protection

Dualit has indemnity from Nestec Legal Action regarding the use of their coffee capsules. Dualit is the only Nespresso® compatible* capsule producer to have been taken to court by Nespresso® and won. The intellectual property surrounding Nespresso® compatible* capsules helps protect our company. This legal asset extends to our private label clients.

Aluminium Capsules

Dualit has been developing and producing Nespresso® compatible* capsules since 2013, providing the finest coffee beans encapsulated within the latest capsule technology.

  • Dualit's patented gasket ensures our capsule is compatible with ALL original Nespresso® machines, unlike other Aluminium capsules.
  • Dualit's registered design is 33-100% stronger than other Aluminium capsules that can get damaged in their gift box, during production, supply network or at home.
  • Dualit's capsules do not deform during extraction.
  • Dualit's patented consistent pierced holes give improved flow, consistent volume, and better flavour.
  • Dualit uses the smallest box currently on the market - maximising shelf space and reducing CO2 footprint.
  • Design Registrations: EU5823770, GB6025282
  • Patents: GB2569042, GB2570310, DE202018006531, DE202018006538, EP3707083, CN305899082

Home Compostable Capsules

Sustainability has always been important to Dualit. We have been committed to developing 100% compostable capsules and our latest capsule is now home compostable.

  • Compatible with original NESPRESSO®* machines.
  • The material is a biopolymer based on 100% renewable raw materials.
  • All monomers contained in our bioplymer have been approved by the EFSA and are GMO and pesticide free.
  • Design Registrations: 6023689, EU2342089 - 1 to 2
  • Patents: GB2503697, GB2503774, GB2545569, GB2539929, GB2519319

Compostable Coffee Bags

Coffee bags work in a similar way to a tea bag - providing the customer with freshly coffee, brewed to perfection in as little as 2 minutes. Not only are coffee bags mess free and easy to use, the customer needs only a kettle - no expensive coffee kit - opening up a whole new revenue stream for your brand.

  • Each compostable coffee bag holds an individual serving of pure ground coffee.
  • Our patented Bloom Technology comes in the form of an extra-large asymmetric coffee bag, with at least 60% air volume that results in maximum flavour from the coffee.
  • Each Coffee Bag is individually packed in a nitrogen-flushed atmosphere to ensure the 'just roasted' flavour your customers lasts at least 12 months.
  • To dispose, customers can place the Coffee Bags into an authorised food waste bin, collected by the council for industrial composting. The sachets are recyclable in plastic waste streams; collections points can be found at most supermarkets.
  • Design registration: 5844271
  • Patents Pending: GB1816574.6, GB1821101.1

Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee

Dualit's private label Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee pouches are available in a number of indulgent single origin or decaf blends.

  • To retain that 'just roasted' taste, each 250g pouch is flushed with nitrogen to lock in freshness and is resealable to ensure your coffee is kept fresh.
  • With sustainability at the heart of everything we do at Dualit, our coffee pouches can be recycled with plastic bags at large supermarkets and the coffee grounds can be composted.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with a variety of private label partners. Here is a small selection of our favourite brands:

  • Ground Coffee Society
  • Sons of Amazon
  • Pennington's Tea & Coffee
  • River Coffee Roasters
  • Eco Roast
  • Modern Standard
  • Bean Coffee

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Dualit capsules are compatible with domestic Nespresso® drop through capsule machines. excluding professional and 'built in' models.

*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé

**Customers are advised to check with their local authority for collections.

*#Dualit Compostable capsules are not suitable for home composting or for inclusion in garden waste collections.