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No frills. No gimmicks. No compromise. It must be Dualit.

Dualit’s success lies in a single-minded vision for the company and its products which hasn’t changed since Max Gort-Barten started the company back in the 1940s.

Inspired by invention, entrepreneurship, and gut instinct.

Dualit continues to grow by following its instincts, by identifying what its customers need, by fulfilling that need and by exceeding their expectations.

Focused on high quality, well-engineered products.

New products are designed and engineered against stringent quality criteria, occasionally re-engineered and often enhanced, then tested to destruction, before they earn a Dualit badge. And they can only keep that badge if all elements of the manufacturing process pass Dualit’s stringent quality control process.

“We want to offer our customers something they can’t find anywhere else and we spend years refining the details to make your kitchen a happier place to cook.”

— Leslie Gort-Barten

Proud of its hard-won reputation in the catering industry, and clients don’t come any tougher than professional chefs.

Its roots in commercial restaurants and hotels give Dualit the best possible credentials in any kitchen. This results in products that are built to last, where performance comes first and reliability is an integral part of their design.

Committed to its family-oriented workforce, with many second generation employees.

Some of Dualit’s employees have been with the company for more than 30 years. This often includes more than one member of the same family and even spans the generations. The company values, trusts and rewards its employees, and their loyalty helps Dualit create great products.

Synonymous with customer service.

From its comprehensive ‘spares & repairs’ service to constant monitoring of consumer feedback and the loyalty benefits offered by Café Club, customer service is a number one priority. No gimmicks. No compromise. Just great customer service. It must be Dualit.

Dualit Quality

Lots of companies talk about quality; for Dualit it is a fundamental part of the business. Our Quality Policy exists to provide employees and suppliers with a framework that ensures they deliver our promises to customers, whether product or service related. Its success is a consequence of several key factors - a continuous process of monitoring and improvement, senior management ‘champions’, supplier relationships that work as true partnerships, and employees who often ‘go the extra mile’ for the benefit of their customers.

Dualit Responsibility

Our Customers have high expectations concerning our Ethical Standards and we need to ensure we can live up to those expectations. For this reason Dualit have implemented an Ethical Sourcing Procedure which is based on international standards such as the conventions of the International Labour Organisation. We regularly visit our Suppliers and conduct Site Inspections & Audits to ensure their compliance to our standards.

Dualit Environmental

Dualit is aware of its environmental responsibilities and we have implemented Procedures to prevent pollution, minimise waste, reduce our emissions and manage risks and hazards. We are working to reduce the energy consumption of our products and we actively encourage recycling both of our own waste and that of our customers with the aim of reducing the amount going into landfill.