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Fully Loaded! Dualit's Best Sandwich Recipes

Popularised in England in 1762 by British statesman, John Montagu, the modern sandwich combines bread with spreads, meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs to form a wholesome, hearty and flavour packed brunch, lunch or dinner option. From its portability and ease of eating to the array of incredible flavour combinations that it can make, the humble sandwich may have to be one of the greatest food inventions ever to have been created. In the UK we spend over £8.2 billion each year buying sandwiches, but the best ones have to be homemade! We honour the ever-popular sandwich with our favourite recipes and top tips, taking inspiration from all over the globe to help you ensure you're lunching the right way.

Fully Loaded! Dualit's Best Sandwich Recipes
Choosing the Right Bread

A sandwich is only as good as it's bread - a bold statement, but something we stand by here at Dualit. From it's shape and size to its flavour profile, the bread used to make your sandwich is the first consideration that must be made. Supermarket sliced bread is a staple in any sandwich loving household thanks to its sturdy thickness and evenly sized slices that make building a sandwich incredibly simple. However, for those who prefer bread with a little more crunch, a ciabatta or sourdough loaf has a crispy crust but a perfectly soft and chewy centre.


Originating in the Middle East, pita is a leavened flatbread made of wheat flour that can also be used for sandwiches. They are cooked at high temperatures, causing the liquid in the dough to escape. This forms a large air bubble in the centre, which becomes a pocket when cut in half - great for a hand-held falafel sandwich. 


For a more filling sandwich, we'd recommend using wholegrain or rye bread as these are much higher in fibre than the white flour alternatives. Rye bread in particular uses a combination of bread flour and rye flour to give it a distinctive flavour, a perfect option for stronger fillings such as cold cuts of meat or onion-based salads. On the contrary, enriched breads such as brioche are a much lighter and sweeter option - we love using this for sweet fillings such as peanut butter and banana, or for French toast!

Spread Right to the Edges

Whether you're opting for sweet or savoury, a tasty spread is essential in any sandwich. Ensure that you spread any condiments, butter or margarine all the way to the edges of your bread, helping to not only evenly distribute any flavour, but also to keep your bread moist and prevent it from drying out.


We love using mayonnaise or mustard for sandwiches with salad vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce or tomato to make it more exciting, whilst avocado and cream cheese offer a more subtle aftertaste. Remember, fillings that are stronger in flavour tend to require a stronger spread to enhance and compliment them - a simple spread such as butter may get lost or overwhelmed. Peanut butter, jams and curds may also be fillings in their own right, but they also count as spreads so be sure to follow this guidance for these too!


Building your sandwich correctly can make or break your finished product. Not only can it affect the stability, presentation and eating of your sandwich, but it can also affect the texture and taste. Sandwiches make a great on the go or packed lunch option, however, if you're planning on pre-preparing your sandwich to take with you, its crucial that you ensure your sandwich has been constructed in the right way to avoid disappointment later down the line.

Begin by adding your choice of spread to the bread - be sure to butter or spread both slices generously. Then, begin to add your choice of fillings accordingly. First should be any cheeses or proteins (whether this is meat, fish, beans, tofu, tempeh etc.) as this provides a barrier against the bread for any wet ingredients that may follow. Next, layer your fruits and vegetables such as cucumber or tomato as evenly as possible - the goal is to make each layer as flat as possible so that your sandwich is structurally sound and easy to eat. Finally, add a few washed and dried lettuce or salad leaves on top.


These must be dry before you put them in your sandwich as otherwise it defeats their purpose - when dry, leafy greens provide a double helping of nutrients, but more importantly, they create a second barrier between the wet ingredients and the other slice of bread.


On the subject of soggy sandwiches, one easy method to help prevent your bread from soaking up the moisture from other ingredients is to toast your sandwich. You can opt to toast both slices of your bread prior to building, meaning that your fillings will stay fresh, but your bread will be extra crispy and warm (if eating straight away), or you can toast the entire sandwich once made with fillings inside.


If toasting the bread before building, ensure that you leave the slices to cool in a Toast Rack before placing flat on a cold surface - doing so helps to prevent condensation from forming and therefore keeps the bread crispy. If you choose to toast the entire sandwich once made, we'd recommend using our Sandwich Cages to speed up the process and to keep your sandwich perfectly intact whilst in the Toaster.


You may wish to butter the outer sides of your bread if toasting the complete sandwich in the Sandwich Cage or in a pan, as this can help to prevent sticking and makes moving your sandwich onto a plate or into a box/bag super simple.


Choosing to toast your sandwich may depend on your choice of fillings - a cheese toastie needs to be heated through as a whole to allow the cheese to melt, whilst a BLT (or TLT for vegans and vegetarians) would be better fresh to prevent the lettuce from wilting.

Check out some of our favourite combinations below:

  • Cheese & Tomato
  • Egg & Cress
  • Club Sandwich
  • Corned Beef & Pickle
  • Chicken Salad
  • Fish Finger Sandwich
  • Chickpea 'Tuna'
  • BBQ Tofu
  • Vegan Banh Mi

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