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A Beginner's Guide to Veganuary

Veganuary is a registered non-profit charity that challenges people to turn vegan for January. Veganuary's mission is to inspire people to protect the environment, protect animals and promote healthy living.

A Beginner's Guide to Veganuary

You can find helpful community tips and supportive articles to understand if this change is for you. Consider viewing the Veganuary website and subscribe to their newsletter to receive daily emails containing delicious recipes, meal plans and helpful tips.


If you decide that this is a challenge you would like to take on but are hesitant about cooking, you are not alone. Rest assured, you will quickly learn what new textures and spices you enjoy as you broaden your pallet. Very quickly, your new supermarket shopping list will become second nature.

Follow these 5 steps

Although the idea is daunting at first, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make this transition easier for you.

  1. Research: You can find tips, tricks, and mouth-watering meals all through Google!
  2. Plan: Prepare your meals out weekly to prevent you from worrying about what to eat that day. Take some inspiration from our vegan recipes.
  3. Extra time: For your first supermarket trip, allow more time to find new, foreign products. Plus, if you are whipping up some new recipes in the kitchen, you may take slightly longer figuring out the balance of spices or timings.
  4. Goodies: Find delicious, pre-made vegan snacks that are great for on the go so that you always have a pick me up!
  5. Treat yourself: This is your sign to go out and still enjoy yourself. Most pubs and restaurants can cater to your new dietary requirements. We only suggest that you scan local restaurants menus before you go out.

Need to know: Nutrients

The most common misconception regarding a vegan diet is the lack of nutrients, particularly Calcium and protein. However, a vegan diet can be nutritionally adequate to a meat-eater diet. Eating a healthy, balanced vegan diet each day will give you all the essential nutrients you need. If you are still curious about what foods are high in Calcium or how much protein you need, we have sourced rich, nutrient foods and information to help you on your plant-based journey.


Why do I need Calcium?

Calcium helps to keep your bones and teeth strong, as well as aiding your nervous system, blood clotting and controlling your muscles.

What foods are high in Calcium?

Spinach, tofu, falafel, orange juice, beans, nuts, seeds, bread, green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli, dried fruit like figs and dates, fresh fruit like kiwi and blackberries, plus soya drinks with added Calcium.

How much Calcium do I need?

Depending on your stage of life, your recommended daily intake (mg) changes. According to the NHS, adults aged 19 to 64 need 700mg of Calcium a day.


Why do I need protein?

Proteins break down into amino acids that help the body perform bodily functions like breaking down food, contributing to muscle mass growth, repairing tissue and maintaining bones. Protein also helps to boost our metabolism and keep hunger at bay.

What foods are high in protein?

Oats, quinoa, rice, vegetables, lentils, tofu, chickpeas, beans, nuts and seeds and buckwheat. Animal protein sources are considered "complete" proteins as they contain all 9 essential amino acids, but there are plenty of plant based food high in protein; just make sure you include a variety in your diet.

How much protein do I need?

According to the NHS, the recommended nutrient intake for an adult is 50g.

For more information about other essential vitamins and minerals like Iron, Vitamin D and B12, please visit this NHS guide.

Vitamins and minerals - NHS (
Reference intakes explained - NHS (

Everything is a balancing act

Eating healthy also consists of incorporating a healthy amount of fat into your diet. By finding vegan versions of your favourite food, your new diet won't feel as though you are giving up everything you love. We suggest that you consider adapting your favourite non-vegan foods to being vegan friendly. You can do this by following a new vegan recipe, like our Vegan Loaf Cake, strolling through the supermarket to find a variety of pre-made vegan substitute meals, or simply getting creative and start swapping out a few ingredients.

Dualit Vegan Recipes

Your secret weapon to completing Veganuary is a treasure trove of delicious vegan recipes. From Quesadilla's to Loaf cake, take note of these delicious Veganuary friendly recipes!

Vegan Lemon Pancakes & Breakfast Blinis

These pancakes are made with a vegan batter and can be topped with your favourite choice of...

Farrington Oils Houmous and Red Pepper Vegan Toastie

This delicious and colourful toastie is a great vegan alternative to a classic cheese toastie!...

Curried Chickpea and Couscous Salad

Try this delicious couscous salad with curried chickpeas and an abundance of flavours.

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

Make the most of in-season squash to make this warming soup by blogger, Brit Woodruff - a...

Vegan Quesadilla

Try this Mexican inspired toastie made using tortillas rather than sliced bread. We used vegan...

Vegan Wellington

Discover the flavours of the Mediterranean with this spicy vegan main!

Vegan Flapjack

Using a variety of whatever dried fruit, nuts or seeds you have available, you can tailor this...

Vegan Fruit Scones

Golden brown, vegan scones made with sweet sultanas. Best served with plant-based butter or vegan...

Vegan Ginger Loaf Cake

A soft and moist ginger loaf made with a mix of spices and topped with icing - perfect for...

Moroccan Salad

With sultanas, apple and orange juice, this Moroccan Salad has a fruity finish and is a great way...

Tomato Rice

A healthy tomato rice dish with smoked paprika and chilli, perfect for a quick and easy weekday...

Classic Hummus

This nutritious hummus recipe uses store cupboard ingredients, made in minutes in the Dualit Hand...


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