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Vegan Wellington

Discover the flavours of the Mediterranean with this spicy vegan main!

Vegan Wellington

Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Serves: 4-6


A vibrant take on a vegan wellington, with buttery puff pastry, hearty wholegrains and a little bit of spice. We love this paired with roasted vegetables and our 'Easy Gravy'. We've made this recipe with the help of the Dualit 700W Hand Blender.


  1. ¬†Cut and place the red pepper and chilli on a lined baking tray. Add the agave and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and roast for 20 minutes at 170¬ļC until soft and slightly charred. Keep the baking parchment from this for later!
  2.  Place the couscous in a bowl and add boiling water so it just covers the top of the couscous by approximately 1/2cm. Add the cumin to the couscous and stir in. Cover with a lid or plate and leave to absorb.
  3.  Drain the can of chestnuts, chop them and put them aside.
  4.  Chop the onion and garlic gloves either by hand or to save time use the Hand Blender chopping bowl- add this to a large frying pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and gently fry for a few minutes until soft.
  5.  Drain the can of chickpeas and stir them into your mix of onion and garlic, gently mashing down some of the chickpeas, but leaving the majority of them whole. (This helps the mix to combine into a mould). Do this for a further few minutes, then take the pan off the heat and allow to cool.
  6.  Use a fork to fluff up your cumin couscous and add this to the chickpea mixture.
  7.  Add the chopped chestnuts to the chickpea and couscous mix, stirring until well combined.
  8.  Roughly chop the roasted pepper and chilli and add this - along with the roasting juices - to the mix.
  9.  Next, chop the spring onion and coriander and stir into the filling mixture. Then squeeze in the lemon juice and add any further seasoning to taste.
  10.  Once completely cool, turn the mixture out onto a piece of parchment. Squeeze and mould the mix into shape sausage - you want this to be approximately 3 inches in diameter and 6-8 inches in length to allow for 6 servings (see notes).
  11.  Fold the parchment paper over the moulded shape and place in the fridge to 'set'. This will be the first setting of three.
  12.  Unroll your puff pastry sheet, leaving the parchment attached, and place onto a flat baking tray. Place this back into the fridge.


To Make the Mushroom Paté...
  1.  Chop the mushrooms, onion, sprig of thyme, salt and pepper to taste and place into a saucepan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and gently fry. Refrain from stirring the mix until the mushrooms have browned. This stops any excess fluid being released and produces a crisp, firm mushroom!
  2.  Once browned, give the mix a quick stir to ensure it's evenly cooked and set the mix aside to cool.
  3.  Once cooled, use the Dualit 700W Hand Blender and Chopper Set to blend the mushroom mix until smooth (or preferred consistency). You could also add 1 teaspoon of vegan mustard for an extra kick, but this is optional.


To Assemble the Wellington:

  1.  Lay your puff pastry sheet out still on its parchment on a tray or dish and spread over the Mushroom Pate, leaving an inch from the edge.
  2.  Gently unroll your filling mix and place on top, in the middle of the pastry sheet. Using the parchment attached to the pastry, carefully turn up the left and right sides of the pastry, then front and back and fold into the middle to form a seam. Do not worry if this overlaps.
  3.  Take this piece of parchment you kept on whcih you roasted your peppers and chilli and place this on a baking try. Turn it upside down onto the seam of the wellington.
  4.  Taking both trays together, turn the rightside up and carefully remove the piece of parchment that is now on top of the pastry. Your wellington should be the right side up with the seam on the bottom and out of sight.
  5.  Place the wellington back into the fridge until you are ready to bake. Top Tip: always cook pastry from chilled in order to acheive a good crust.
  6. ¬†Preheat the oven to 180¬ļC. Once the wellington has chilled, remove it from the fridge and brush the top with a little olive oil.
  7.  'Score' the top of the wellington by making three light incisions across the top at a slight angle. For a festive touch, use some excess pastry from your seams to make some small holly leaves and place this in the centre on the top of your wellington.
  8.  Place your wellington in the middle of the oven for 20 minute or until golden brown.



  • This will also make 4 large, individual square wellingtons, or multiple mini ones that can be served as canapes or as a starter.
  • The wellington mix can also be made up for a variety of other dishes - use it as a filling with a little vegan cheese for your boxing day toastie or with some diced avocado as part of a delicious salad.
  • Many substitutions can be made to this recipe according to what you have in the cupboard - cooked rice can be used in place of couscous, tofu can be added for a higher protein option, and for a fruity twist, you can add any nuts, dates or other soaked dried fruit.
  • Serve this with our homemade vegan gravy, roast potatoes, brussels with chopped chesnuts, and honey roast mixed vegetables. See the links below for the recipes.
  • Also available to bind all the ingredients together you can use 'Oggs' which is an egg substitute made from chickpeas, please read the lable for specific ingredients.


Dualit Products Used

We've used the Dualit 700W Hand Blender and Chopper Set to make the mushroom paté that goes in this recipe!

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