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Our Favourite Vegetarian Recipes

Eat mindfully with Dualit's vegetarian recipe guide. All Dualit vegetarian recipes include colourful ingredients and bold flavours. This guide features different national dishes from around the World, from meat-free alternatives to classic vegetarian dishes and hearty mains.

Our Favourite Vegetarian Recipes


This hearty veggie recipe is packed with a blend of roasted and sautéed vegetables, encased in a delicious pastry crust. This homemade pie is a crowd pleaser.

View our recipe here.

This meat-free dish is so easy to prepare. It takes just six minutes to cook! The ingredients are flexible, so if you don't have the vegetables that we used, swap them with what you do have (or better yet - swap to vegetables you have grown!) Frozen peas, shredded greens, pak choi, carrots and spinach would work well in this dish.

View our recipe here.

Paneer is a fresh, crumbly cheese that absorbs flavour, and works great in a fake-away curry. If you have some extra time to create a side dish, then we recommend making our Gluten Free Garlic and Coriander Flatbreads
View our recipe here.

This delicious, quick and versatile dish offers pure British comfort. Our red onion and courgette quiche partners perfectly cold with a salad for lunch, or hot with a side of roasted asparagus and sautéed mushrooms for dinner.

View our recipe here.

Dualit's Aubergine Lasagne recipe is a great meal option for vegetarians. Instead of pasta, the sliced aubergine is used as a lighter, lower-carb option. A succulent creamy mix of mozzarella and spinach is topped with herby breadcrumbs, for a welcoming crunch.

View our recipe here.

Extra brownie points if you grow your veggies!

If you would like to elevate your veggie dishes one step further, try growing some of your favourite vegetables. Fresher produce not only tastes better, but you will gain more nutrients from it.

You can also sow a wide variety of vegetables without much time, space or equipment. For example, you can raise pea plants undercover and plant them outside as soon as space becomes available. Here are Dualit's favourite beginner vegetables to grow:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Salad leaves
  • Pea's
  • Potatoes


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