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Dualit Product Recipe:

Avocado and Radish on Rosemary Sourdough

The combination of creamy avocado, rosemary and radish give this toast topper an amazing, fresh flavour.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Brazilian Avocado Smoothie

This is a popular as a breakfast smoothie in Brazil, where it is known as Vitamina de Abacate.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Evergreen Smoothie

The wide variety of ingredients used to make this green smoothie are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Marmalade Muffins

Marmalade is a favourite toast topping at Dualit and is also a favourite with the Queen, and it adds an amazing, tangy flavour to these muffins.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Afternoon Tea Scones

Classic English scones are an afternoon tea essential. Follow this recipe and add sultanas or other dried fruit as you prefer, or keep them plain.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Gluten Free Biscuits by Biscuiteers

Try this recipe for gluten free biscuits by Biscuiteers, who are known for their collections of beautifully hand-iced biscuits. They make all kinds of biscuits for all kinds of occasions, and these gluten free ones can be cut into any shape you’d like. We've chosen Easter eggs, inspired by Biscuiteers’ Easter egg biscuit tin.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Spelt & Cinnamon Waffles with Butterscotch Sauce

Masterchef finalist Emma Spitzer has created this recipe especially to make with the Dualit Waffle Iron. The batter makes fluffy waffles that are full of flavour just on their own, but who could say no to homemade butterscotch sauce to top them with?!

Dualit Product Recipe:

Higgidy's Vitamin Boost Smoothie

This zesty smoothie from our friends at Higgidy is a great pick-me-up and each ingredient is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Made in minutes in the Dualit Blender.