The Little Greene Heritage Toaster Collection

It's undeniable that British aesthetic consciousness has gone retrograde, and by that we don't mean we're clamouring for avocado bathroom suites. Fuelled by television, film and inner city gentrification, we've fallen irrevocably in love with the period.

However, whilst we want the look and the romance, we don't want the life. It's unutterably hard to the modern mind and we adore our contemporary gadgets. So, how do we achieve this aspirational aesthetic, but with no loss of convenience? Easily - through colour.

It would've been hard to miss the recent upsurge in interest for period hues. So far however, we've only had paints and fabrics at our disposal. Our products and appliances haven't followed suit. That is, until now.

Dualit, champions of British manufacturing, have teamed up with Little Greene, superlative paint and wallpaper manufacturers, to create what we call The Heritage Range - eight iconic classic toasters in eight historic, yet on-trend, paint colours. What better way to give your kitchen the edge? We guarantee there is no other collaboration like this currently available.