The Little Greene Heritage Toaster Collection

It's undeniable that British aesthetic consciousness has gone retrograde, and by that we don't mean we're clamouring for avocado bathroom suites. Fuelled by television, film and inner city gentrification, we've fallen irrevocably in love with the period.

However, whilst we want the look and the romance, we don't want the life. It's unutterably hard to the modern mind and we adore our contemporary gadgets. So, how do we achieve this aspirational aesthetic, but with no loss of convenience? Easily - through colour.

It would've been hard to miss the recent upsurge in interest for period hues. So far however, we've only had paints and fabrics at our disposal. Our products and appliances haven't followed suit. That is, until now.

Dualit, champions of British manufacturing, have teamed up with Little Greene, superlative paint and wallpaper manufacturers, to create what we call The Heritage Range - eight iconic classic toasters in eight historic, yet on-trend, paint colours. What better way to give your kitchen the edge? We guarantee there is no other collaboration like this currently available.

At Dualit we are extremely excited to be working with a company such as Little Greene. They share our aspirations completely; both companies prize durability, quality of material and integrity of product and both have been manufacturing in the UK since their inception.

"We are very proud to be bringing a range to the market that is the result of this natural symbiosis" says Dualit Director, Alex Gort-Barten.

The eight colours we have chosen are steeped in history and entrenched in British-ness. All are verified for authenticity by English Heritage (who have partnered Little Greene in their research and development) and can be found on Little Greene's 'Colours of England' paint chart.

Citrine is a comforting yellowy-green from the interiors of the 1950s. It is redolent of the fresh leaves and greens our kitchens are filled with and can look stunning against pink. We believe it's more entrancingly retro than any other green toaster currently available - it's not like the 50s, it is the 50s.

Dark Lead is a natural choice since grey is the colour of the moment. However, this isn't just any grey toaster - Dark Lead is a grey that effortlessly spans the centuries as it's exactly the same pigmentation that was used in the 1700s. It fits easily into many kitchens and looks fabulous alongside stainless steel.

Pearl is a subtle, captivating, mid 18th century hue. Not quite one thing or another, it harbours a mysterious iridescence that changes with the light. The product isn't quite a white toaster, and nor is it green or blue (though shades can be found of all three). It's a phenomenal partner for glass splash backs and tiles, adding interest to your kitchen without drama.

Chocolate is a delicious match for dark wooden worktops and tables. It's our deepest colour, but the result is something a lot softer and more sophisticated than a black toaster could ever be. The colour was popular in Georgian England, reputed to decorate the front doors of Handel and Franklin… but it sits equally well in the contemporary kitchen. There aren't many brown toasters out there, and this is definitely the most beautiful.

Heat is a rich, complex orange - more intriguing than red. Sienna based, it's a colour that will look muted against a bright kitchen, or engagingly accented in a pale one. The result is something that we prefer to any other orange toaster on the market. It oozes richness and subtlety and looks mouth-watering when paired with wood.

Clay is the perfect neutral. It's a colour made using iron oxide and is a new version of Little Greene's Beauvais Lilac, but with added ochre. It's perfectly at home in a period interior but also manages to be precisely on-trend in a contemporary environment. It has the ability to create warmth without clashing - the consummate chameleon.

Theatre Red is a sophisticated burgundy shade from the late 1970s which saw continued popularity into the next decade. This charming cherry shade is a great accent colour in any kitchen.

Hicks' Blue is named after David Hicks, one of the most important designers of the 60s and 70s, who used this blue in the restaurant at the top of the London Telecom Tower in 1962. This sophisticated muted blue works equally well in the traditional or modern kitchen.

'All of our colours in the Heritage Range are chosen with the built kitchen environment firmly in mind,' states Little Greene MD, David Mottershead. 'We have thought about the materials you will find in the modern kitchen and the aims of the contemporary decorator - we know that a Dualit toaster is a considered purchase and as such we have given the colours in this range equal consideration'.

It almost goes without saying that being able to pair your appliances with exact paint colours opens up so many decorative possibilities. Whether you're after precise co-ordination or intentional dissonance, the Heritage Range is for you.

Heritage Range toasters are available in 2 and 4 slot models and include all of the features and benefits of our iconic Classic Toasters. Every toaster is hand-made in the UK and fitted with our patented, replaceable ProHeat elements. They are built to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen; each filament is armour plated rendering them virtually unbreakable. Sandwich cages can be purchased separately.

Matching jug kettles in selected colours are also available.