Join Café Club & Receive Rewards with Capsule Purchases!

Great news for coffee and tea capsule lovers! Dualit has launched an exclusive Club offering rewards with capsule purchases. Join the new Café Club and receive 2 complimentary loyalty stamps plus easily order Dualit and Nespresso® compatible capsules straight to your door.

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Improve your at-home coffee with the new Barista Kit!

We are excited to introduce the first of our expert barista tools into our coffee range. By offering these new tools alongside the existing Bean to Go, 3-in-1 and Espress-Auto Coffee Machines, you can now create a complete coffee shop set-up at home!

Whatever style of drink, from espresso to cafetière, flat white to cappuccino, this range is all that's needed to master the art of coffee.

Check out Dualit's complete range to inspire your inner barista:

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Introducing Dualit’s EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler

At a time when consumers are becoming more conscious about their consumption, waste and impact on the environment, Dualit is delighted to introduce its new EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler.

Compatible for use with all Nespresso® compatible brands*, the hand-held EcoPress offers a convenient and tidy solution to recycling used Aluminium Coffee Capsules at home. A used aluminium coffee capsule is an ideal item to recycle; aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material and coffee grounds are compostable and biodegradable, so no waste is left behind.

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Dualit Launches New Grey Colourway for its 3 in 1 Coffee Machine

We're pleased to announce that we are further expanding the range of appliances available in a new, on-trend grey hue with the addition of our popular 3 in 1 Coffee Machine. Boasting a retro design inspired by traditional Italian espresso machines, this stylish and versatile model allows users to experiment with a variety of different coffees, thanks to its innovative and patented multi-brew system.

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Dualit Unveils a New Look for its Domus Kettles and Toasters

Iconic British manufacturer, Dualit is delighted to be launching a new look for its popular Domus line of small appliances. Meaning 'home' in Latin, the Domus range comprises of two and four slot toasters as well as a 1.5L kettle, currently available in stainless steel with a black or white trim and a distinctive, curvaceous and symmetrical design. The revamped products have a striking full body colour, with both fresh white and light grey options available. The new look is easy to keep clean and a great choice for kitchens with warmer metallic accents such as on-trend brass or gold.

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New Gloss White Colourway for Lite Kettle and Toasters!

Dualit is delighted to be launching a new white gloss colourway for its award-winning Lite Kettle and Four-Slot Toaster duo. The new white is glossy and paper-fresh, with a hint of Scandi cool that would suit a range of interiors from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary.

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Top Barbecue Tips

All too often in the UK our changeable weather, even in the height of summer, can lead to barbecue nightmares. However when we are lucky enough for the rain to stop and the sun to appear, barbecues can be a gastronomic feast of pure joy; seemingly never-ending summer nights stretching into the early hours, mouth-watering smoky aromas wafting through the air and the sizzling sound of barbecued food.

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Dualit Launches Second Collaboration with Colour Trend Forecaster, Anna Starmer

British manufacturer, Dualit is delighted to announce the launch of its second colour collaboration with global colour and trend forecaster, Anna Starmer for its iconic Classic Toasters and Kettles. Following months of research and development, 'The Naturals' collection comprises of four carefully chosen colours; Evergreen, Eucalyptus, Limestone and Desert. A palette of greens and warm neutral tones, the new colours draw inspiration from the world around us and reflect the growing desire for our homes to be calming sanctuaries away from our busy everyday lives.

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Introducing the New Incoloy Conveyor Toaster from Dualit

Iconic British manufacturer, Dualit is delighted to be expanding its range of high-performance catering appliances with the launch of its new Incoloy Conveyor Toaster. Following three years of development, it has been designed to offer consistent and reliable service for catering establishments of all sizes, from boutique B&Bs to large-scale hotels, airport lounges or resorts.

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Dualit Launches New Grey Colourway for Lite Kettle and Toasters

Grey is here to stay, especially in the home. From moody deep accents to fresh Scandi-inspired lighter tones, grey accents lend a timeless yet modern vibe to spaces. Iconic British manufacturer, Dualit is responding to this ever-growing trend for grey tones in the kitchen with the launch of its new grey colourway for its popular Lite Kettle and Two-Slice Toaster.

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