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Breakfast Granola

Start the day with a bowl of crunchy breakfast granola! We love our granola served over a bowl of natural yoghurt with fresh fruits. You can personalise this granola by using a mixture of your favourite nuts and seeds.

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Dualit Launches New Grey Colourway for its 3 in 1 Coffee Machine

We're pleased to announce that we are further expanding the range of appliances available in a new, on-trend grey hue with the addition of our popular 3 in 1 Coffee Machine. Boasting a retro design inspired by traditional Italian espresso machines, this stylish and versatile model allows users to experiment with a variety of different coffees, thanks to its innovative and patented multi-brew system.

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3 Day Juice & Smoothie Detox

An easy-to-follow detox plan great for anyone new to juicing. After just three days your body will have started to rid itself of toxins to leave you feeling energised.

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Compostable Capsules are available now!

Dualit and Nespresso® compatible*, compostable capsules are now available. The new capsules, including the pod, lid and protective bag can be placed in food waste bins for industrial composting**.

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