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What else?…..recyclability and sustainability

We have reduced our packaging by over 50%, since we started manufacturing Nespresso® Compatible* capsules in the UK, in 2014. Coffee pods are viewed by some as wasteful, but we want to reassure customers that Dualit NX® capsules are 100% recyclable.

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Compostable Capsules have Arrived!

Dualit and Nespresso® compatible, compostable capsules are now available. The new capsules, including the pod, lid and protective bag can be placed in food waste bins for industrial composting**.

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Join Café Club & Receive Rewards with Capsule Purchases!

Great news for coffee and tea capsule lovers! Dualit has launched an exclusive Club offering rewards with capsule purchases. Join the new Café Club and receive 2 complimentary loyalty stamps plus easily order Dualit and Nespresso® compatible capsules straight to your door.

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Dualit Lite Toaster and Kettle in New On-Trend Pastel Colours

Dualit is introducing a new range of on-trend pastel hues for its popular two slot Lite Toaster and matching Jug Kettle. Linking to the Pantone Colours of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, the new collection features pink rose, blue sky and green pistachio colour ways, which are perfect for those wishing to subtly update the kitchen with hints of the biggest colour trend of the year.

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A Classic Tale of a British Icon

Gracing kitchen worktops since the 1950s, the iconic Dualit Classic Toaster has maintained its industrial looks and repairable features to continue to be the toaster we know and love today.

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12 Nutrient rich fruit and vegetables

Juicing and blending fruit and vegetables is an easy way of getting your '5 a day' and more. You will recognise that some ingredients are regularly featured in juice and smoothie recipes because of their high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Here are some of the most nutrient dense fruit and vegetables and why you should be including them in your diet!

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NX® Coffee Capsules: Buy with your weekly shop!

For the ultimate convenience buy Dualit NX® coffee capsules with your weekly shop!

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Introducing the Made to Order service - exclusive to John Lewis

Dualit is excited to introduce the "Made to Order" colour service for the Classic Toaster and Classic Kettle, available exclusively from John Lewis.

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Top Barbecue Tips

All too often in the UK our changeable weather, even in the height of summer, can lead to barbecue nightmares. However when we are lucky enough for the rain to stop and the sun to appear, barbecues can be a gastronomic feast of pure joy; seemingly never-ending summer nights stretching into the early hours, mouth-watering smoky aromas wafting through the air and the sizzling sound of barbecued food.

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