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Create An Extra Special Christmas with Dualit

Whether we can celebrate Christmas with two or ten around the table, delight your nearest and dearest with delicious culinary creations or gift food treats with a little help from Dualit's kitchen tools.

Create An Extra Special Christmas with Dualit

Dualit Hand Mixer - £74.99 - For Christmas cakes or Yorkshire pudding batter

The ideal tool for home bakers, the Dualit Hand Mixer includes dough hooks, flat beaters and a balloon whisk to create a variety of Christmas delights such as Coconut Ice and Meringues. A retractable cord and integral plug storage make the mixer compact to store, whilst replaceable parts ensure it is made and engineered to last for Christmases to come.Hand Mixer

Dualit Hand Blender - £99.99 - For gravy blending, leftover veggie soup or healthy smoothies for the new year.

Make a plan for your leftovers with the Hand Blender set. A true multi-tasker, it can help blend all the best flavours for a gravy, or make light work of chopping veggies for a leftovers soup. It's also handy for creating healthy smoothies and soups for the new year. The set comes with a blending wand, chopper bowl, whisk attachment and jug. 


NEW Dualit Bread Board - £19.96 - For serving nibbles and treats

Dualit's Bread Board is beautifully made from FSC® Certified Beech and offers a sturdy base to slice a fresh loaf. Functional and durable, the Bread Board can be used to serve platters of cheese and biscuits, cured meats or even a selection of chocolates to brighten up the table.Bread Board


Dualit Handheld Milk Frother - £69.99 - For hot chocolates or frothy coffees

Frothy hot chocolates for the kids and barista-style coffees for the adults; the cordless Handheld Milk Frother produces hot milk, hot frothed milk or cold frothed milk in two minutes. It's perfect for making a latté, cappuccino, hot chocolate, milkshake or livening up an instant coffee. It also features a non-stick interior and patented removable whisk for easy cleaning.

Dualit Barista Kit - £99.99 - For impressing your guests with next level coffees

Consisting of four essential elements, the new Barista Kit features a Tamper, Milk Frothing Jug, Thermometer and Knock Box. Available as a set in slick matte black, and also sold separately, each element works together to help create the best cup of coffee at home. This kit is sure to impress any morning guests over the festive season.Barista Kit


Dualit Classic Toaster - from £159.99 - For stacks of toast or warming croissants

An absolute essential when hosting - a stylish and reliable toaster for all those rounds of morning toast. Featuring an efficient slot selector, you'll never use more energy than you need (great for those who love a lay in and miss the first round!). If you've stocked up on frozen bread, the handy Defrost setting gently warms ready for toasting. Or if croissants are the order of the day, Dualit's Warming Rack is ideal.

Dualit Cups Collection Gift Set - For catering to every coffee lover

Everyone has a coffee preference - from espresso to latte, make sure you have a cup for each guest! Dualit's china cup and saucer collection includes four cup sizes - Espresso, Doppio, Cappuccino and Latte - the grooved design suits any kitchen or dining setting.Dualit Cups

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