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A contemporary collection of new bone china cups and saucers, designed for coffee with friends, a morning pick-me-up or an evening of entertaining. For the espresso connoisseur or the frothy coffee lover, these cups are suitable for a range of drinks. Available in four sizes, the elegant design and crisp white china is suited to any setting, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe. Inspire your inner barista with Dualit Café.



  • Espresso Cup: 60ml
  • Doppio Cup: 90ml
  • Cappuccino Cup: 350ml
  • Latte Cup: 380ml

Maximum Dimensions (cm) / Weight (grams)

  • Espresso Cup and Saucer: 10.5 (dia) x 4.6 (h) / Weight: 290g
  • Doppio Cup and Saucer: 10.5 (dia) x 6.6 (h) / Weight: 330g
  • Cappuccino Cup and Saucer: 14.5 (dia) x 7.1 (h) / Weight: 620g
  • Latte Cup and Saucer: 14.5 (dia) x 11.2 (h) / Weight: 790g

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