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Valentine's breakfast and brunch ideas

Serve your sweetheart a romantic breakfast for two. To create a perfect Valentine's Day morning, indulge your sweetheart's sweet tooth with our delicious breakfast and brunch recipes. Valentine's morning offers an excuse to treat yourself and your loved one, so start spoiling your tastebuds with recipes like Vanilla French Toast and Red Velvet Pancakes.

Valentine's breakfast and brunch ideas


Rebecca Cooks has created an easy breakfast smoothie consisting of wholesome fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants and bold in flavour. The red, romantic coloured smoothie plays with sweet and acidic flavours to create a well-balanced, bittersweet taste.

View our recipe here.

Our simply sweet brioche toastie is a breakfast favourite. To make it valentine's themed, cut out a paper heart and place it over the toastie. Then, dust the dish with icing sugar and remove the paper shape to reveal a lovely heart shape.

View our recipe here.

Something about hot, handmade muffins seem like the perfect, warming way to start the day with your loved ones.

View our recipe here.


Create a bold Valentine's themed pancake with this delicious recipe. Top with cream and sweet berries to decorate your beloved's pancake tower.

A Dualit favourite, French toast is an irresistible weekend recipe. We've served ours with a sweet banana and cinnamon jam, but we recommend that you use your sweetheart favourite toppings.

View our recipe here.

Create a bold Valentine's themed pancake with this delicious recipe prepared with the Dualit Hand Mixer.

View our recipe here.

Don't forget to Pretty up your plate

If you would like to go that extra mile for your partner, we recommend taking the time to present your dish in all its glory. Decorating adds to your thoughtful breakfast and will create a scene straight from a romantic movie.

Breakfast in bed

To make your food all that more special, try to create a romantic breakfast setting. Decorating your breakfast dish isn't as tricky as you may think. Use a breakfast tray and place a cloth napkin underneath the breakfast dish. Fill a small vase or whisky glass with some water and cut a few white roses to size, arranging them in the vase. For extra brownie points - add a sweet note or a small gift!

Themed table décor

For a more lavish breakfast spread, we recommend layering different types of flowers, petals and ribbon around the dishes. Use a matching colour scheme with your best matching placemats and coasters set. Not to mention using individual small decorative bowls to serve sauces to create a dreamy, Instagram moment.


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