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Christmas Gift Ideas from Dualit

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for a couple, foodie or style guru, Dualit offers a wide selection of products that combine reliability, performance and enduring design.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Dualit


VortecS® Blender - £149.00

Embrace a healthy way of eating the easy way with Dualit's fast and powerful VortecS® Blender. If you and your partner find it hard to manage your "5 a day", then creating delicious soups, smoothies and sauces is a simple way to increase your intake. The blender liquidises even the toughest fruits and vegetables to create the smoothest liquid packed with nutrients. The versatile blender will make smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, baby food, soups, batters, dressings, cocktails and crushed ice.

Dualit Express-auto Coffee and Tea Machine - £199.99
The ultimate Christmas present for coffee enthusiasts, this machine extracts the precise measure for the perfect espresso, dual serve espresso, lungo or cup of tea at the touch of a button. A new, dedicated tea function provides optimum brewing conditions for a deliciously flavoursome, hot cup of tea. Patented Pure Pour® delivers a smooth & consistent flow of espresso with a dense crema, whilst an adjustable frothing arm creates perfectly texturized milk for lattes and cappuccinos. With the Espresso-auto Coffee and Tea Machine you'll be making cafe-quality beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Dualit Hand Mixer - £74.99

With a 400W motor and four speed settings, Dualit's Hand Mixer is a true multi-tasker for the light baker. In keeping with Dualit's classic British styling that consumers have come to know and love, the new Hand Mixer is not only sleek and stylish, but it is built with the very latest technology. If the wear and tear of baking eventually begin to take their toll, replaceable parts could whisk up a new lifespan for your Hand Mixer.

Dualit Bread Board - £19.96

Dualit's bread chopping board is beautifully made and offers a sturdy base to slice a fresh loaf. Typically Dualit, it is functional, durable, yet stylish with it. Not just for chopping, the bread board can be used to serve platters of toast, after-dinner cheese and biscuits, or to hold a sharing platter at your table. Made from FSC® Certified Beech, you can be confident your choice is helping to ensure our forests are around for generations to come.


Dualit Brushed Architect Four-Slice Toaster, £129.99 and Brushed Architect Kettle, £94.99

With a brushed stainless steel finish, this toaster and kettle is ideal for contemporary living. A range of interchangeable colour panels are available so the toaster and kettle can be updated easily to suit emerging trends. The toaster benefits from Dualit's Perfect Toast Technology for perfectly consistent, golden brown toast - every time. Other features include a bagel and bun warming function, defrost setting, individual controls for each pair of slots and concealed removable crumb trays for cleaning. The matching rapid boil kettle features a Patented Pure Pour® spout to eliminate drips and spills and has a push button lid with smooth action that glides open at the touch of a button.

Dualit Classic Kettle, £149.99 and Classic Four Slice NewGen Toaster £219.99

The Classic Four Slice NewGen Toaster and Classic Kettle in avaiblable in a wide range of stylish colours will delight lovers of good design. Hand built in the UK the toaster features the assembler's name on the base plate and has fully repairable or replaceable parts for longevity. Key features include Patented ProHeat® Elements for evenly toasted bread, a concealed crumb tray for easy cleaning, high lift mechanism to remove smaller items, a mechanical timer to control the browning process and a defrost and bagel function. The Classic Kettle has a groundbreaking replaceable element, which considerably lengthens the lifespan of the kettle, while the patented Whisper Boil™ function drastically reduces unwanted boiling noise. Other features include a precision-engineered non-drip spout, an ergonomic silicon grip handle and a superfast 3KW element for rapid, efficient boiling - two cups will take less than 90 seconds.

Dualit Lite Toaster - £77.99 (Two Slot) £119.99 (Four Slot)

The Dualit Lite toaster combines Dualit's classic toaster styling with a contemporary high gloss finish. Patented Perfect Toast Technology ensures that this smart toaster produces consistently golden brown toast. The Peek & Pop ® function allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle, giving greater browning control. It incorporates a bagel and defrost function, extra-wide 36mm slots and automatic pop-up. Available in a variety of glossy colours, the Lite toaster range is sure to sit beautifully in your kitchen.

Dualit Home Compostable Coffee Capsules - from £3.99 (10 pack)

Surprise a coffee lover with these eco-friendly coffee capsules. Discover the rich flavours and enticing aromas of Dualit's coffee blends, including an organic flavour plus two premium single origin coffees, all in environmentally friendly pods. The capsules (plus the lid and protective bag) can be industrially composted through authorised food waste schemes.

Dualit Barista Set - £99.99

Transform your friend from a coffee enthusiast to coffee making expert this Christmas with the Dualit Barista Set. This kit offers all the tools you need to create café quality coffee at home. A great cup of coffee requires accuracy and the precision engineered Tamper ensures a consistent tamp. For Cappuccinos, Lattes and Hot Chocolates, the Thermometer helps indicate the ideal temperature for heating and frothing the milk. Together with the Knock Box, you've got everything needed for an exceptional hot drink.