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Introducing Perfect Toast Technology

Dualit has introduced a new patented feature to be included on all Domus, Lite and Architect toasters. Perfect Toast Technology calculates the temperature of your toaster and surroundings to provide consistently golden brown toast.

Introducing Perfect Toast Technology

This Dualit patented technology calculates each variable in the toaster, from room and toaster temperature to how many slices it has toasted or how long it has had to cool. With Perfect Toast Technology, you'll get perfectly consistent, golden brown toast - every time without having to change the settings - the ultimate easy start to your day. No other toaster calculates variables to provide perfect toast - Dualit's Perfect Toast Technology is the ultimate in precision control.

Leslie Gort-Barten, managing director of Dualit Ltd says, "Perfect Toast Technology is the most important innovation in toasting since the Proheat element." 

Dualit is passionate about British engineering and manufacturing and understands the importance of nurturing the experience and expertise of the next generation of talented, young engineers. With this in mind, Dualit developed Perfect Toast Technology with Megha Bavaria, an intern from Imperial College London who was studying a degree in mechanical engineering.

Dualit Domus, Lite and Architect toasters are available from leading retailers