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Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

What better way to spend an afternoon or evening than cosied up on the sofa with a warm drink, a tasty treat and a movie fit for the festive season? Whether you're looking for the perfect accompaniment to your traditional advent calendar or you're simply on the hunt for some Christmas spirit, we've got the perfect solution.

Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Coffee

1. Miracle on Bailey's Street: A festive take on an Irish Coffee, with one shot of black espresso, a dash of Baileys and topped with a pinch of Mixed Spice.

2. Four Christmases: Bustling streets, stressed shoppers and the pressure of entertaining at Christmas - take a moment to relax with a soothing Peppermint Tea.

3. Die Hard (for a Coffee Martini): Feel the heat with this daring drink - one-part espresso shot, one-part vodka, one-part double cream. A coffee that's not for the fainthearted.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas… with a Large, Frothy Cappuccino: We'd recommend using the Dualit 3 in 1 Coffee Machine or Espress-Auto Coffee Machine to make a Cappuccino of which even a barista would be proud. For the Grinch's signature green colour, dust with Matcha powder.

5. Who's Up for a Cuppa? An iced matcha latte, made with cold frothed milk and dusted with matcha powder - another ode to the green-furred grinch!

6. It's a Wonderful Flat White: A classic coffee, fit for a classic Christmas film - a shot of espresso, topped with glossy, steamed milk and finished with a cinnamon dusting.

7. The World's Best Coffee by Buddy the Elf: Prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the big city with a generous cup of caffeine to keep you going. Try our Coffee Bags to fill your favourite mug.

8. Scrooge: A single shot of full bodied, strong black coffee. We'd recommend our Rocketcharged - the strongest coffee in our range, with notes of herbs and spices and a woody finish.

9. Home Alone... with a Hot Toddy: One for the days where you're trying to wrap presents in peace! A single Espresso with a shot of Whisky.

10. Home Alone x 2: A Doppio. This double shot espresso is sure to keep you awake and alert, ready to spot any sneaky housemates trying to take an early look at the gifts under the tree. The Dualit Doppio Cups are just the right vessel if you're working with a partner in crime.

11. Santa Claus: A perfect match for the bushy, white beard of the Christmas icon himself. A milky latte, complete with frothed milk top and finished with crushed Amaretto biscuits. No dunking required for this one!

12. Bad Santa: Almost the same recipe as above, but with a shot of Amaretto in place of the biscuits. Slightly less sweet, and much less well behaved.

13. Love Actually: An English Breakfast Tea with a squeeze of fresh orange or lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of honey. Warming and sweet, but with just the right amount of spice to make it interesting!

14. Jack Frostini: A Vanilla Iced Milk Frappé, Whipped Cream and topped with Toasted Marshmallows. Not a winter warmer, but we don't think Jack will mind.

15. The Polar Espresso: Another favourite film of ours that truly captures the magic of Christmas. For an equally magical drink, try an espresso shot poured directly onto white chocolate drops. Use the Dualit Handheld Milk Frother to froth hot or cold milk and then top with white chocolate shavings and a dusting of edible, silver glitter.

16. Ginger Cheer: Inspired by this well-loved Christmas flavour - infuse your Milk with Ginger Spice and add to a coffee of your choice (we love a Cappuccino or a hot, frothy Latte), served with a crunchy Ginger Nut.

17. Shrek the Halls with An Iced Green Tea: A refreshing Green Tea, made with a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar to taste. Suitable for all taste buds!

18. White Christmas: One espresso shot, one shot of Bailey's and hot frothed milk, all topped off with whipped cream and a dusting of Vanilla Sugar. To make your Vanilla Sugar, either carefully slice a Vanilla Pod in half lengthways, add to Sugar and let infuse for 24 hours, or add a dash of Vanilla Extract to Sugar to form a paste, let dry and then re-powder with the back of a spoon.

19. Rudolph: You've returned home from a brisk winter's walk, a biting chill nipping at your nose. What better way to warm yourself up than a coffee with a little extra heat? A shot of espresso, followed by a shot of whisky, a spoon of frothed milk and served alongside an Amaretto biscuit.

20. Not a Nightmare Before Christmas: A black Americano, one shot of Brandy, Whipped Cream and a Chocolate Liqueur popped on the top. Try our Intense Aluminium Capsules with notes of fresh roasted nuts, molasses and an indulgent dark chocolate finish - more of a dream than a nightmare in our eyes! Remember to use Dualit's EcoPress afterwards, which offers a mess free solution to recycling used aluminium coffee capsules.

21. Jingle All The Way: A black Americano topped with ginger infused, hot, frothed latte Milk, a dusting of Ginger and served with a Gingerbread Biscuit. Try baking your own Gingerbread biscuits (we'd recommend the Dualit Hand Mixer for this) for a fun, festive activity that all the family can enjoy together. 

22. (A Guide to) Surviving Christmas: Espresso, Espresso, Espresso! Energy to power you through the festive season and all the preparation that comes with it. In the spirit of the film that inspired this coffee, we recommend drinking this one alongside your nearest and dearest, and taking a moment to think of those who may be alone this Christmas.

23. Mrs Miracle Blend: One shot of our Indian Monsoon Blend, served as a Flat White. This miracle blend speaks for itself.

24. Arthur Eight Christmas: A hot, mocha made with a drop of Peppermint Extract, topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes. To add a little twist this Christmas Eve, replace the Peppermint Extract with Crème de Menthe or Peppermint Schnapps.

25. The Snowman: No words are needed for this one! Add one shot of Chocolate Sauce and one shot of Caramel Sauce to a black Americano, before topping with cold, frothed, latte Milk (in the shape of a snow creature if you're a talented home barista), White Mini Marshmallows and a dusting of Silver Edible Glitter.

For Those That Don’t Like Coffee

Whilst we're great fans of a caffeinated beverage - even more so of the ones above - we also appreciate that not everyone loves a coffee as much as we do. With this in mind, we've also put together a few suggestions for those that still want to enjoy a deliciously indulgent and warming drink without the coffee buzz and taste.

1. The Muppets' Christmas Carol: Warm even the frostiest of hearts with this indulgent Hot Chocolate. Your favourite brand of rich Hot Chocolate, with hot frothed Milk (made in the Dualit multi-functional Handheld Milk Frother) and served with Silver and Gold Coins.

2. Charlie Brown Christmas: Simple, easy and delicious, with all the flavours you'd associate with a Charlie Brown Christmas - your choice of Hot Chocolate with a dash of Peanut Caramel Sauce, topped with Whipped Cream. It's the little things that count!

3. Nativity!: A fitting tribute to Mr Poppy, Mr Maddens and the children of St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School - a pantomime of flavours, a cup full of energy and a little Christmas cheer to keep you going. A Babycino with Marshmallows, Vanilla Sugar, served with Chocolate Money and Sugar Canes.

4. Mickey's Christmas Carol: A child-friendly eggnog, with less of the mess. Infuse Milk with a pinch of Nutmeg and Honey, before frothing in the Dualit Milk Frother. Serve hot with a whole Cinnamon Stick!

Dualit Products Used

We made the drinks using a variety of our Coffee Machines (including the Dualit 3 in 1 Coffee Machine and the Espress-Auto Coffee Machine), some of our favourite Coffee Blends, the Dualit Cups Range and Handheld Milk Frother.

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