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Salmon Pâté

Serves 2 Prep Time 10 mins Cooking Time 0 mins

A small pack of smoked salmon and a few everyday ingredients can be turned into a creamy pâté for a speedy starter or party dip.

125g (4½ oz) smoked salmon
1 spring onion
100g (3½ oz) cream cheese or
low fat soft cheese, softened in a warm place
2 tsp chopped fresh dill (or parsley if unavailable)
1 tsp horseradish or
Worcestershire sauce, or few dashes of hot pepper sauce
a little fresh lime or lemon juice
salt and freshly ground black

Roughly snip the salmon and spring onion into pieces with scissors, into a medium sized bowl. Pulse with the Dualit hand
blender until roughly chopped.

Add the cream or soft cheese, dill or parsley, horseradish or sauce, and salt and pepper. Continue pulsing until well mixed but still retaining some texture.

Add lime or lemon juice to taste and check for salt and pepper.

Spoon into a couple of ramekins and chill until firm.

Serve with fingers of toasts or plain crackers.

Alternatively, make a bed of rocket salad on each plate and spoon the pâté into mounds on top.

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