Dualit has been working with leading global colour and trend forecaster, Anna Starmer to create a new range of colours for the iconic Classic Toaster. Anna Starmer tells stories through colour. Her interior and still life photography evokes a mood, and builds on a narrative. Known globally for her obsession with colour and texture, Anna's imagery has been described as sensual, visceral, instinctive and tactile.

The Colours

Four colours, delicate tints, perfectly matched. Colours are curated from collections. Found objects and treasured items are preserved, to inspire new shades and surfaces. Walking in Sussex, trailing through antique markets, searching out new and old. From a pebble found on the beach, to a hand crafted Japanese paper bowl, we discover inspiration all around us.

Porcelain, Feather, Shadow, Powder; four gentle colours, a new neutral palette.


Inspired by morning light, a milky white bowl, an egg shell white. A clear fresh white, like a renewed start to the day, like just ironed linen. This subtle shade is barely a trace, a quiet colour with the lightest of touch. Like hand-made paper or the finest porcelain glaze, this is a fragile white, with a chalky matte finish, soft, alluring and timeless.

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Feather light, tinted palest grey, like marble, quartz, stone or clay. Natural mineral colours are hewn from the earth. We find a new connection with nature, when outdoors, look more closely and take time to notice the details. Palest feather grey is enduring, beautiful like a perfectly still grey day, clouded yet infinite.

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A midnight feast, a decadent setting, filled with tactile surfaces and aromatic scent. Surround yourself with comforting layers of greys, shadow upon shadow. As the nights draw in, we retreat indoors; the long autumnal evenings are cosy and inviting. Light a fire and pour a glass of wine, indulge all of your senses.

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This is the most delicate shade of pink, a tint, a blush, a hint of a colour. The first pink glow in the sky as the sun rises. The palest edge of the petal on a wild rose. The perfect tone of face powder. This shade is not pretty or girly, it is modern and brave, seductive and alluring. Powder is delicious and indulgent, like a taste of pink champagne.

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Working with Luminary

Over two decades, Anna Starmer has become a renowned tastemaker through her work as a colour and trend consultant for leading brands. Her influence on the world of fashion and product design is underlined by the success of her authoritative bi-annual colour bible, Luminary, now in its 17th edition. In each book, Anna's photography and style create an enchanting vision that is steeped in the colours and textures collected during her travels around the globe.

With clients including Gap, Victoria's Secret, Pantone, Anthropologie, Triumph, Dualit, Estee Lauder, J.Crew, John Lewis, Boden and Marks and Spencer, Anna likes to celebrate the strength and originality of each brand, making their stories resonate through imagery and storytelling that is beautiful, thought-provoking and current.