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Save energy today and tomorrow with the NewGen® toaster from Dualit

Quality and durability have long been the philosophy of Dualit.

Save energy  today and tomorrow with the NewGen® toaster from Dualit

Incorporating these characteristics in to their famous toasters, the iconic British manufacturer has created an award winning product that lasts, the design of which has stood the test of time for over 60 years.

The original Vario toaster has always stood apart from the crowd as a truly British design classic that is the antithesis of today's throwaway culture. Now Dualit has come up with a new design star - the NewGen. Based on the same commercial design and boasting the same high quality, robust construction as the famous Vario, the NewGen is an updated model that offers a number of exciting new features. 

New is the ability to use each slot independently or as a combination, therefore saving energy. For example, on the 4 slice model you can choose to toast either 1, 2, 3 or 4 slices and 1 or 2 bagels. No other toaster on the market today offers this choice and by selecting one slot instead of all four slots power consumption is reduced by 60%.

The new bagel function will toast bagels and teacakes to perfection. Simply turn the upper dial to the bagel setting which selects just one side of the element to heat up, therefore toasting the inside of your bagel and warming the other side.

At busy breakfast times utilise the handy defrost setting. Turn the lower dial to the defrost icon to allow the NewGen to carefully warm your frozen bread, and then select your preferred setting on the timer dial to make perfect toast.

When Max Gort-Barten designed, engineered and built the first Dualit toaster in 1945, he wanted to create a product that would make the best toast in the world. Today, toasters remain at the heart of the brand, and retain enormous appeal among domestic users and chefs.

Combining excellent engineering with functionality to give years of reliable use, you can count on your Dualit toaster to last a lifetime. All of the parts are replaceable or can be fixed, including the patented ProHeat elements.

The NewGen toaster is available in 2-slice and 4-slice in polished chrome, red, black and cream. Prices start from £149.95

Key features of the NewGen toaster are:

  • Hand-made in the UK
  • NEW energy saving individual slot selector
  • NEW bagel and bun toasting function
  • NEW defrost setting
  • All parts fully replaceable
  • Manually operated ejector unit
  • Mechanical timer
  • Award winning ProHeat elements
  • Extra wide 28mm slots