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Four Dualit products to invest in

In this current economy, it is essential to start becoming more frugal. However, being frugal doesn't mean counting the pennies or scouring the internet for hours to find the best deal. Being frugal means becoming more economical and trying your best to be less wasteful. By spending slightly more on a higher-quality product, you often find that it has a greater life span than its counterparts. Plus, you can slowly reduce your energy bills by investing in more energy-efficient products.

Four Dualit products to invest in

Dualit's Classic Toasters offer style, functionality, energy-saving properties, and has a great reputation for being a long-lasting, well-built product. One the Classic NewGen, the toaster includes features like a defrost setting for frozen bread and the option to toast buns and bagels. But best of all, all our Classic toasters allow you to select one slot to heat up. This super-simple action means your power consumption is reduced by up to 60%.

The Proof is in the Pudding! 

Investing in a piece with proven history often regulates the risk of any purchase. Due to Dualit's ability to offer repairs on our Classic Toasters, our customers often own our Classic toaster for many years - and pass it down through generations. The oldest active Dualit toaster we have found (to date) is 42 years old! This purchase offers our consumers the chance to be less wasteful and pass down a working, beautiful appliance to friends and family in years to come.

Much like the Classic Toaster, the multi-patented Classic Kettle features a ground-breaking replaceable element that lengthens the lifespan considerably. Not only does it have repairabe features, the kettle is great on energy usage. Our kettles also have rubber-sealed lids to keep heat and steam in the chamber, so no excess energy is lost. It also has two viewing windows so you can boil just the right amount of water.

If you are interested in the Classic Kettle, but find the upfront cost too expensive, then we recommend browsing our Outlet. Our Outlet features genuine Dualit products that have been refurbished by hand in our West Sussex factory. Within our refurbished range are Classic Kettles and Toasters with significant discounts. This frugal hack can save you over £50 for a Classic kettle and over £80 for a Classic Toaster!

3. The 3 in 1 Coffee Machine

People often say that a great way to save money is to stop spending money on food and drinks because you have some at home. However, drinking a hot coffee during your morning commute to work is a great weekday pick-me-up. At Dualit, we wouldn't want you to replace your high-quality, freshly made coffee with instant coffee. However, according to the WalesOnline, if you buy one coffee, five days a week for your morning commute, you will spend on average £612 a year! The solution is investing in the ground-breaking Dualit 3 in 1 Coffee Machine - a multi-brew system with an attached steam wand. This coffee machine will allow you to create barista-worthy lattes or cappuccinos from home. If you remain consistent, this simple change can save you hundreds of pounds in just one year!

4. Machine care: Kilrock and OSCAR Waster Softening Bags

We highly encourage our customers to read their new products' Instruction Booklets. In particular, the machine care section. By regularly maintaining your kitchen appliances against the manufacturer's instructions, you can aid in the prevention of subsequent complications. For example, Limescale is the biggest cause for appliences to stop working, and so a simple machine care rule for Dualit kettles/coffee machines is to descale your machine once a month, in a well-ventilated area with Kilrock. Descaling can take between 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the limescale build-up. The benefits of descaling your appliences are that; it can extend the lifespan of your product, reduce electrical costs with shorter heat-up times and keeps your water clean from limescale, which affects the taste of the water due to its minerals. This small, monthly investment is time-consuming, but will pay off long term.

If you found this article helpful and are now looking for more ways to be frugal, why not browse our original article: Top Tips to Save Energy


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