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Inspire Your Inner Barista with Dualit’s New Drip-Through Coffee Filter

We have applied our coffee expertise to create a neat Drip-Through Coffee Filter, which allows users to bloom and hand brew coffee directly into two cups in around three minutes. A natural addition to Dualit's growing semi-professional barista tool range, this product can be used to create delicious coffee with just the addition of ground beans and filter paper*, or enhanced by using its Handheld Grinder for an even fresher cup.

Inspire Your Inner Barista with Dualit’s New Drip-Through Coffee Filter

Designed to sit neatly on top of one or two mugs, users simply place a filter paper inside and fill with ground coffee. As hot water is slowly poured over the grounds, the coffee will bloom and the smell of fresh coffee will be released. Ideal for those who like to have complete control over their coffee, the slots in the base allow users to monitor the pour and eliminate overfilling.

The new Dualit Drip-Through Coffee Filter is made from delicate yet strong new bone china and features a sophisticated white gloss finish. The contemporary design matches Dualit's recently launched Cup Collection, and is also microwave and dishwasher safe for fuss-free everyday use.

For the ultimate at-home barista experience, team with the below: 

Dualit Cordless Milk Frother - £59.99

Ideal for those who love frothy coffee, the cordless Milk Frother produces hot milk, hot frothed milk or cold frothed milk in just two minutes. It's perfect to top up a drip-through coffee to create a milder drink. It also features a non-stick interior and patented removable whisk for easy cleaning.

Dualit Handheld Coffee Grinder - £99.99

Grinding beans for immediate brewing is the best way to make a great tasting coffee. With Dualit's new Handheld Grinder users can grind just the right amount of beans for each drink, ensuring no waste. An impressive 40 grind settings provide complete control, with setting numbers 7 to 10 making the ideal grind for a drip-through coffee.

Dualit Cappuccino Cup and Saucer - £19.99 for set of 2

Dualit's new Espresso Cup set features a contemporary grooved design and fits perfectly with the Dualit Drip-Through Coffee Filter. Also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Drip Through Coffee Filter Perfect Partners

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