The New CaféPro Capsule Machine - Prepare up to 100 Coffees a Day

The ideal solution for small cafés, boutique hotels, pubs, workplace canteens, spas, salons and outlets that would like to offer a professional coffee service but do not require extensive coffee-shop style equipment, the new Dualit CaféPro Capsule Machine allows a variety of beverages to be prepared conveniently, quickly and mess free.

With a double brewhead and 20 bar pressure the efficient machine can extract two espressos or lungos at the same time in seconds, whilst milk can be texturised simultaneously with the professional boiler operated steam function and individually controlled steam wand. Offering users choice and convenience, the freestanding Dualit CaféPro is compatible with both Dualit's wide range of coffee capsules capsules as well as Nespresso®* coffee capsules, and thanks to a dedicated hot water outlet, teapots, mugs and takeaway cups can also be filled.

Ease of use is a key highlight of the Dualit CaféPro Capsule Machine, which features a digital display and touch button operation. Thanks to auto dosing, the machine will extract the perfect amount of espresso or lungo and users can also choose to adjust the temperature and volume settings if required. To keep the machine running efficiently, the digital display will count how many capsules have been used and following 1500 extractions will prompt the user to descale the unit, which takes just 45 minutes. If the machine is not descaled after 2000 uses it will automatically lock until the descale programme is activated. The Dualit CaféPro Capsule Machine also offers an adjustable automatic standby function.

Other features include a large 2.7L water tank, a separate 1.2L steam boiler, thermobloc heating elements for each brewhead, two capsule baskets which will hold 30 capsules each and two, 2L removable drip trays with drain valves. The freestanding unit can also be moved if required to free up worksurface space.

Price: £1,500 + VAT

Guarantee: One year with use not exceeding 100 capsules per day (50 per brewhead

*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A