Introducing Dualit’s First Organic Compostable Coffee Capsule

At Dualit, we take coffee seriously, which is why when creating our newest coffee profile, we relied on the expertise of our Master Roaster, Kristina, Product Development Manager, Rob and Director, Alex to decide which capsule deserved a place within our current compostable⁺ range.

Initially Kristina was looking at what would be the best Single Origin coffee to launch as our newest and first ever compostable organic coffee capsule. However, when we tasted the Ethiopian and Colombian combined, it blew all precedent out the window. This had to be the blend!

When launching a new coffee at Dualit, we are always keen to find the best flavour profiles and source these through a rigorous taste testing procedure known as the cupping process. Flavour, aroma, texture and crema all must excel as individual components to blend into one outstanding coffee.

The cupping process was done as a blind taste test, where a selection of coffee beans were ground and extracted straight from our Bean to Go machine. The standard was high with some exciting flavour profiles, but when the Ethiopian and Colombian mixed origin was tasted, the decision was unanimous.

The Ethiopian beans deliver a full body and fruity roast with a long clean finish. Mix that with the enhanced bright start from the Colombian beans and it's a match made in coffee heaven. This limited edition blend with its heightened acidity and juicy mouthfeel, complements perfectly our existing compostable range; Sumatra Mandheling with its subtle, spicy finish and Indian Monsoon with an indulgent, dark chocolate finish.

Creating these wonderful coffee pods whilst ensuring the pod is sustainable is a win-win. Organic, Compostable⁺ and Fairtrade are three essential components in creating an environmentally friendly coffee, something that Alex is passionate about.

We are excited to tell you that our organic journey does not end here. Watch this space to see what else we have in store for our upcoming compostable organic range!

Limited availability

This new origin pairing is a limited run, so order now while it's available.

⁺Suitable for industrial composting through authorised food waste collection schemes.

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