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Classic Toaster Centre Element (2,3 & 4 Slot)

Classic Toaster Centre Element (2,3 & 4 Slot)

£7.80 Code 00457

Suitable for 2, 3 and 4 slot Classic Toasters*

Product Details

Full fitting instructions will be supplied with replacement elements and timers. Please ensure all servicing (including the fitting of replacement elements and timers) is carried out by a qualified electrician.

The elements and timers we supply will fit most Dualit Classic toasters made in the last 40 years* and are easily replaced if one does fail. Please ensure you fit the correct element type in the correct position.

* If your toaster has Black Heat elements, if your toaster was manufactured prior to the year 2000 or if you are outside of the UK, please call our Customer Helpline for advice; +44 (0) 1293 652 500.