EcoPress™ for Vertuo

Aluminium Pod Recycler

Product code: 85122

Suitable for Vertuo* coffee pods

Remove coffee grounds for recycling

All parts are dishwasher safe

Bucket holds the grounds of up to 20 pods

Compact design to use minimal kitchen space

Pusher fully inverts the pods leaving minimal residue

Product Details

Product Details

Dualit's EcoPress for Vertuo* helps make recycling used aluminium coffee pods at home fast and simple. The new EcoPress for Vertuo* is only compatible with Nespresso®* Vertuo* capsules. Simple to use, the EcoPress for Vertuo* separates the coffee from the pod ready for kerbside recycling collections. After a quick rinse, all that's left to do is stack your clean capsules and squash together, then add to your household recycling bin. Coffee grounds can be added to compost or to authorised food waste bins.

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Design Registrations

  • 6192790
  • 6192791
  • 6192792
  • 6192793
  • 6192794


  • Stack your clean capsules, squash together and then add to your recycling bin
  • Compatible with all sizes of Nespresso® Vertuo* Capsules
  • Compact design to use minimal kitchen space
  • Pusher fully inverts the capsule leaving minimal residue
  • Bucket holds the grounds of up to 20 capsules
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • 11.4cm x 7.8cm x 11.4cm (WxDxH)

Top Tips

  • To make it easier to use, place the EcoPress on a low surface
  • Let capsules dry for a minimum of four hours before EcoPressing
  • Gently tap the pusher and bucket after EcoPressing to remove residual coffee
  • Save water by using used washing up water to rinse the capsules

Register Your Product

  • Use model number CEP3 when completing the product registration for your EcoPress
  • You will find the serial number next to the barcode on the EcoPress box
  • *Vertuo is a brand owned by Nespresso®. **Nespresso trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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