Coffee & Tea

Our patented Aluminium, Compostable and NX® Coffee Capsules, Fine Tea capsules, Compostable Coffee Bags, One Cup Filter Coffees and ESE pods provide something for every taste and occasion. We use the finest coffee beans and tea leaves, carefully sealed in convenient, mess-free, individual servings for excellent results every time.

Capsule Compatibility

How it's made Coffee Capsules Dualit preview
How it's made Coffee Capsules Dualit


Take a behind the scenes look at how Dualit make their gourmet coffee capsules, in its West Sussex factory in the UK.

*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé

Dualit and Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules  preview
Dualit and Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules


Compatible with CaféPlus, CaféCino, CaféPro and Classic Capsule machines. For use with Espress-Auto, Coffee Machine, Espressivo and Xpress use the NX® adaptor and a capsule piercer

Exceptional quality - luxurious taste - outstanding value

Aluminium Coffee Capsules

Compatible* with Nespresso®*and Dualit coffee machines, our aluminium capsules are easy to recycle and better for the environment. Available in four blends, the capsules are engineered in-house, where the coffee is roasted, ground and encapsulated.

Compostable Coffee Capsules

Discover rich flavours and enticing aromas of two single origin coffees in an environmentally friendly pod. The capsules can be industrially composted through authorised food waste schemes.

NX® Coffee & Fine Tea Capsules

Discover coffee capsules that maintain the freshness and exceptional taste of the Fairtrade coffee inside. Perfect crema, rich flavours and enticing aromas to enjoy the taste of expertly roasted gourmet coffee at home.

Filters & Compostable Coffee Bags

If you love the taste of Cafetière or Filter Coffee but not the time it takes to make it, then Dualit's Coffee Bags and One Cup Filter Coffees are for you. Holding an individual serving of pure ground coffee and brewed in as little as one minute, all you need to make a barista style coffee is your kettle and favourite mug. Dualit's Coffee Bags and One Cup Filter Coffees are made with the highest quality, hand selected beans in a specialist profile roaster to extract maximum flavour.

ESE Coffee Pods

Dualit’s size 44 ESE coffee pods are individually sealed in foil for freshness and are ideal for single 7g servings. Perfect as a convenient alternative to loose freshly ground coffee. Compatible with Dualit 4 in 1 and all ESE compatible machines.


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