The Naturals Collection

We are delighted to launch our second second colour collaboration with global colour and trend forecaster, Anna Starmer for our iconic Classic Toasters and Kettles.

The four new shades in the 'Naturals' collection take reference from forest and earth. Green tones, Evergreen and Eucalyptus, are inspired by leaves and shoots, mirroring the anti-polluting and soothing effect of welcoming plants into the home. Meanwhile, two warm, dusted shades, Limestone and Desert, are inspired by the soft textures of sand and pebbles and are in line with the trend for using more natural surfaces in our homes.

Creating The Naturals with Anna Starmer

The Naturals preview


Our desire for more unrefined surfaces in the kitchen leads us to use tiles made of baked earth, walls of bare plaster and tinted earthy natural paints. Colours here are hewn from the ground, inspired by natural adobe mud walls, and shades of baked clay or unpainted terracotta. Desert is a shade taken from the south, the natural colour of earth homes in Africa and the warming colours of Tuscan terracotta.

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A gentle, softened shade of green with just a touch of grey, like a dusted eucalyptus leaf, or a softened, powdery cactus. This quiet colour nods toward the on-trend green family, but sits happily in a neutral palette of tinted greys and off-whites. Fresh as a spring morning, or an early morning walk, Eucalyptus offers us a delicate tone for a calm interior.

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Inspired by the need to fill our homes with greenery all the year round. Evergreen is a dark and inky shade perfect for the kitchen. Like fresh herbs, rosemary and thyme, or allotment fresh produce, artichoke, courgette and kale. Evergreen is a timeless colour, a new classic to be loved season after season.

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The neutral shades have seasoned and matured, as we move into a warmer array of kitchen colours. Natural stone, raw wood and unrefined clay inspire a kitchen palette which must be hand crafted. Limestone is a soft and rounded natural shade which will work beautifully alongside our new-found love affair with organic textures and primitive materials.

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Working with Anna Starmer

Anna Starmer tells stories through colour. Her interior and still life photography evokes a mood, and builds on a narrative. Known globally for her obsession with colour and texture, Anna's imagery has been described as sensual, visceral, instinctive and tactile.

Over two decades, Anna has become a renowned tastemaker through her work as a colour and trend consultant for leading brands. Her influence on the world of fashion and product design is underlined by the success of her authoritative bi-annual colour bible, Luminary, now in its 21st edition. In each book, Anna's photography and colour library create an enchanting vision that is steeped in the colours and textures collected during her travels around the globe.

With clients including Gap, Victoria's Secret, Pantone, Anthropologie, Triumph, Dualit, Estee Lauder, J.Crew, John Lewis, Manolo Blahnik, Boden and Marks and Spencer, Anna likes to celebrate the strength and originality of each brand, making their stories resonate through imagery and storytelling that is beautiful, thought-provoking and current. Anna's latest book Love Colour was published in Nov. 2018, became a no1 bestseller on Amazon, and is available in all good bookstores.


Lifestyle and mood board image credits Anna Starmer