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Dualit Life

Our blog — here to inspire you with recipes, tutorials, and the newest in products for your home.

  • Chilli Bean Tacos

    Chilli Bean Tacos

    Dualit's chilli bean tacos are a savoury delight that encapsulate the essence of bold and satisfying flavours.

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  • Spicy Mexican Toastie

    Spicy Mexican Toastie

    This tasty toastie recipe is a take on a classic Mexican quesadilla. It is quick and easy to make and packs a punch thanks to the chorizo and paprika.

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  • Mexican Tortilla Toastie

    Mexican Tortilla Toastie

    Toasties don't have to be made with sliced bread, this Mexican take on a classic toasted sandwich uses a tortilla wrap and has a real kick to it!

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