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Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Toaster

To commemorate 70 years of product innovation, we have designed an exclusive, limited edition "Anniversary Toaster". Dualit's in-house design and engineering team have selected key design features from toasters from the 1940's to today to create the 2 slot Anniversary Toaster.

Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Toaster

The Design Inspiration:

1940s The grooves on the chassis take inspiration from the first Dualit Toaster - patented in 1946. The ball knob was taken from the Dual-Light heater, the product that gave us our name.

The famous 'loaf of bread' shape took form with the first commercial six slot toaster in the 1950s.

Found in the Dualit museum archives, this curvaceous 1960s logo still makes a stylish statement.

The angular stepped casting, first seen in the 1970s, brings nostalgia to the modern kitchen.

The sleek polished casting finish reflects the 1980s kitchen boom, fuelling desire for commercial kitchen appliances in the family home.

A Vintage Toaster that meets modern day demands with Millennium Award winning patented ProHeat® elements.

Only 70 Anniversary Toasters have been made. Each one has been hand built and individually numbered, with the name of the assembler on the baseplate.

The toasters are not available to buy, but some will be available to win. Look out for competitions throughout the year, held by us and through Dualit stockists.