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How to prolong the life of your coffee machine

OSCAR Water Softening Bags (OSCAR Bags) are an innovative descaling treatment used to soften the water in your coffee machine and help prevent a build-up of limescale. OSCAR Bags are suitable for all Dualit pump espresso coffee machines with water tanks.*

How to prolong the life of your coffee machine

Whether you live in a hard water area or use bottled water, use your coffee machine daily or only at weekends, placing an OSCAR Bag in your coffee machine's water tank will keep the water in the softer scale, reducing the limescale build-up in your machine.

OSCAR stands for Osmotic Scale Reduction. By means of ionic exchange, OSCAR replaces calcium and magnesium ions present, in both their soluable and insoluable forms in drinking water with sodium ions. The OSCAR Bag does not remove any exisitng limescale that has formed in the machine, so you do still need to descale as normal. 

Each OSCAR Bag shaould last for one year and is available to buy here.

*Espressivo 3 in 1 Machine, 3 in 1 Coffee Machine, Espress-auto Machines, Café Plus Capsule Machine, Café Cino Capsule Machine and Lusso Capsule Machines.