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How to Make Pour Over Coffee

At its simplest, Pour Over Coffee is made by pouring a slow, steady stream of hot water over coffee grounds through a filter, directly into a cup. Whilst seemingly simple, the process requires practice, patience and precision. From the temperature of the water and the speed with which you pour to the grind and volume of the coffee - there are numerous factors that go into making it correctly. However, it's well worth spending the time perfecting the art of making Pour Over Coffee, as the finished product is a full-flavoured but delicate cup of coffee with more nuance and subtlety than you'd get with a traditional coffee machine. We've put together a handy step by step guide to help you unleash your inner coffee connoisseur and make the process easier than ever. We've used our Pour Over Kettle and Drip Through Coffee Filter to make ours!

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Step 1:

Fill your kettle with the required amount of water for the number of cups that you are making and set the temperature to 96°- 205° F. The Dualit Pour Over Kettle has a digital control panel, allowing you change the temperature of your water one degree at a time for ultimate control. Plus, the hold function will maintain the selected temperature for five minutes! 

Step 2:

Place your coffee filter paper (we'd recommend a No. 4 filter) into your Drip Through Coffee Filter. Ensure that it sits neatly inside, reaches the edges and does not have holes or perforations. Then place your Drip Though Coffee Filter over one or two cups - we'd recommend the Dualit Cappuccino or Latte Cup Sets!

Step 3:

Measure out 7-15g per cup of medium-fine grind coffee, depending on taste. The grind texture should resemble table salt/fine sugar. If you're using the Dualit Handheld Grinder, this is approximately grind setting 10. If using shop bought, look for coffee suitable for "All Coffee Machines", "French Press" or "Filter Coffee".

A larger coffee to water ratio will mean that your coffee will be stronger, whilst a smaller amount of ground coffee will produce a slightly weaker, more mild coffee. Experiment with ratios to find your own personal preference!

Step 4:

To pre-infuse your coffee, set the Pour Over Kettle to 93°C/200°F, then pour a small amount of water over the coffee. This will ensure that all of the coffee grounds are wet and that the coffee extracts evenly for maximum flavour.

Step 5:

Wait a few seconds for your coffee to pre-infuse, then slowly begin pouring hot water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. Add roughly 50ml at a time, allowing the water to pass through the coffee before adding more. The thin, gooseneck spout of the Dualit Pour Over Kettle controls the flow of water for a slow and accurate pour over the ground coffee, ensuring maximum flavour and aroma extraction every time.

You will notice that when the coffee grounds come into contact with the water, bubbles appear on the surface. This is called blooming - a process whereby the coffee reacts with the water to release carbon dioxide, causing the grounds to expand and bubble up. Never fill above the max marker/1cm below the filter paper lip, otherwise coffee grinds will end up in the drink.

Step 6:

Keep an eye on the fill level of the cups and stop pouring when they are about ¾ full/250ml per cup. The entire pouring process should take between 2-3 minutes.

Step 7:

Unplug and let the Kettle cool down completely whilst you enjoy your cup of coffee!

Top Tips...
  • Don't forget to clean your Pour Over Kettle, Drip Through Coffee Filter and Cups after every use. The Drip Through Filter and Cups are both dishwasher safe, meaning less washing up. To clean the Pour Over Kettle, gently wipe the outside and inside surfaces with a soft, damp cloth.

  • Descale your Pour Over Kettle regularly (at least once a month or more, if you live in a hard water area or use the kettle regularly) to prevent limescale build-up. Limescale will affect the performance of your Kettle and may cause permanent damage that is not covered by your guarantee.

Dualit Products Used

To make our Pour Over Coffee, we've used the Dualit Pour Over Kettle, the Drip Through Coffee Filter, the Dualit Cups Set and the Dualit Handheld Grinder.

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