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How The EcoPress Changes Our Behaviour

Millions of aluminium coffee capsules are purchased every year and, without action, a large proportion of those will end up in landfill. Our EcoPress offers a simple, mess free solution by quickly removing the coffee grounds from the capsule so that it can be easily rinsed clean, ready for recycling. It's clear through our social media that the EcoPress already proves to be a crowd favourite, with many sending us or tagging us in photos of their EcoPress stations. We sent out a survey to a selection of our customers that have purchased the EcoPress to find out what they liked (and what they didn't like) about the Aluminium Capsule Recycler, how the product fits into their day to day lives and why it's become a staple in their kitchen. Here's what they had to say...

How The EcoPress Changes Our Behaviour

With the average Brit thought to consume approximately 2 coffees per day, recycling capsules has become a weekly occurrence in the homes of many of our responders. 14% of people said they use their EcoPress every day, whilst 62% confirmed that they recycle their used coffee pods at least once a week - if not more - with over 92% of people recycling more than 80% of their capsules. 

It became evident within our survey that the main drive for an EcoPress purchase was to make home recycling simpler, quicker and more efficient. When asked for the reasoning behind their use of the EcoPress, 47% of responders reported that they used the EcoPress to help recycle both the aluminium capsule itself as well as the ground coffee, which can be used "in the garden around plants" as fertiliser. A further 45% of people specifically commented on the benefit of the EcoPress and the impact that it could have on the environment, stating that:

  • "It's environmentally friendly"
  • "Cuts down on waste sent to landfill"
  • "Save[s] the planet"

Other reasons given for using the EcoPress included:

  • "It's easy and fun"
  • "It's therapeutic"
  • "Easier to do than to use Nespresso*[s] recycling [scheme]"

This theme continued into why people liked the product, with 80% of responders giving reasons such as:

  • "Easy to use"
  • "Such a simple idea"
  • "Convenient"

​​​​​​​Amongst the other most popular reasons given were the "compact" size and aesthetic of the EcoPress, alongside (once again) it's recycling properties and the fact that "it allows [them] to recycle capsules without the hassle of returning them by post or to a drop off point". One individual even stated that the "it's an essential in [their] kitchen", whilst another praises the fact that their "children love to use it which promotes a healthy attitude to recycling" and helps them to "be aware of waste" from a young age.

Here at Dualit, we also continuously strive to improve our offerings - particularly when it comes to sustainability. When asked whether responders had any suggestions, improvements or additions from which the EcoPress would benefit, the most popular answer given was that "the gadget is perfect", that "it's fine as it is" and therefore no improvements were necessary (58%).

Whilst we also agree that the EcoPress is great as it is, the most frequently received suggestion was that the EcoPress needed a "bigger capacity" (15%) so that it could hold more capsules at once. Our research showed that many of our EcoPress owners recycle more than 9 used capsules at a single time (almost 50% of responders), and therefore a "deeper pot" would help to reduce the number of trips made to the garden compost bin. Perhaps this would encourage the 8% of our responders that EcoPress less than 80% of their capsules to do so?


Other suggestions included: offering a selection of colours as the EcoPress is currently only available in our standard charcoal/green option (6%), to offer an additional container that can be used to store used capsules until they are ready to be recycled and to design an EcoPress that also works for plastic capsules (though our own, Dualit branded capsules are all plastic free).

The EcoPress continues to make at home recycling quick and simple - all the benefits of helping the environment without the need for couriers, plastic bags or landfill.

The EcoPress

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*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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