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Milkshake Loaded Easter Egg

Ramp up this year's Easter treats with milkshake loaded Easter eggs! We are providing you with everything you need for an indulgent Easter; all your favourite treats loaded inside your choice of Easter egg.

Milkshake Loaded Easter Egg

Prep Time: 30 minutes 


Cooking Time: 1 second


Easter isn't complete without stacked up boxes of Easter eggs on the kitchen table. This year, take it to the next level and fill one (or more!) with indulgent treats and delicious ice cream. A milkshake inside an Easter egg...this is definitely one for the chocoholics!


  1. Pour 200ml of milk in a jug and place in the freezer. Leave it in there just long enough for ice crystals to form.
  2. Break up and melt the white and milk cooking chocolate, in seperate bowls, over a bowl of hot water. Stir until smooth and no lumps then set aside.
  3. Carefully unwrap the whole eggs and sit each one, wide side at the bottom, into cups that will hold them securely.
  4. Fill a jug with boiling water and submerge a sharp knife for a few seconds. Use the knife to carefully cut into and around the top of the egg in a zig zag pattern, approximately 2 inches from the top. The hot knife should slide into the chocolate and enable the egg to be cleanly cut.
  5. When you have created the zig zag circle, carefuly remove the top and set aside. This can be placed back on later or eaten seperately.
  6. Pour the melted white chocolate into the milk chocolate egg. Using both hands, slowly turn the egg in a full circle ensuring the inside is fully coated. This seals the egg and stops any leakage.
  7. Once fully coated, repeat with the melted milk chocolate into the white chocolate egg.
  8. Place both eggs back into their cups and place in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened.
  9. Place the drinking chocolate/chocolate drops into a jug.
  10. Pour 200ml milk into your Dualit Milk Frother and press once for the cappuccino option. Once frothed, pour over the drinking chocolate/chocolate drops and stir until melted. Allow to cool.
  11. Using your Dualit Hand Blender, remove the iced milk from the freezer and pour into the large blending jug along with the 4-6 scoops of ice cream and the drinking chocolate. Use the blending wand to blend the chocolate shake until nice and frothy.
  12. Remove the eggs from the fridge and pour the chocolate shake into each of the eggs until they are three quarters full.
  13. Top with a swirl of squirty cream.
  14. Crumble half a flake over the top and push the other half into the cream along with the straw.
  15. Top with any extra chocolate that came with the egg and enjoy!


Top Tips:

  • Sprinkle the drink with chopped hazlenuts, drizzles of caramel, nutella or chocolate sauce. Feel free to add any of your favourite toppings!
  • Like it boozy? Try adding a shot of Irish cream liqueur or a shot of espresso inside for a mocha flavour.
  • Place in the fridge then just before serving add your toppings and cream.
  • Mix the melted white and milk chocolate together to create a marble effect inside the eggs.
  • Keep the eggs in the fridge before handling. This will allow easier cutting and coating of the eggs.


Dualit Product Used

This chocolate loaded drink is made with the Dualit Hand Blender and Dualit Milk Frother.

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