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Dualit's Aluminium Coffee Capsules

At Dualit, we are delighted to introduce our complete range of Aluminium Coffee Capsules. Compatible* with both Dualit and Nespresso® machines, the capsules deliver premium, delicious Fairtrade coffee in innovative, sustainable aluminium capsules. An infinitely recyclable material that is widely accepted by local authority recycling collections, the capsules boast a patented sealed design that protects the 'just roasted' aroma of the coffee grinds for maximum flavour. Dualit capsules are engineered in-house at our West Sussex factory, with the artisan coffee roasted, ground and encapsulated in our on-site roastery. The aluminium capsules are available in a variety of new and improved blends offering different strengths with exciting new notes.

Dualit's Aluminium Coffee Capsules

The new range is 100% Fairtrade certified, helping to empower farmers and make a positive difference to their lives and communities. The beans have been sourced from the finest coffee producing regions of countries such as Ethiopia, Columbia and Brazil, chosen through a rigorous blind cupping and quality testing process before being individually roasted to preserve their unique characteristics. 

With varying jewel toned metallic shades denoting the different blends on the capsules themselves, you can trust our careful attention to detail and excellent engineering for coffee that tastes as fresh as the day it was roasted. The patented design of the capsules protects the coffee's 'just roasted' flavour and aroma, whilst being recyclable. Once used, the coffee grounds can be added to compost or a food waste bin, whilst the capsule and lid can go straight into recycling. In addition, we have reduced the outer box size resulting in a more compact and space saving design with no sachet inside, helping to further reduce the environmental impact.

Our Aluminium Capsules are available in boxes of 10 and multipacks of 60, with attractive, eye-catching artwork that has been designed by illustrator, Mark Boardman. Similar artwork was chosen for our Compostable+ Coffee Bags, creating a cohesive design identity for our latest coffee consumables.

Dualit Aluminium Capsules, £3.20 for a box of 10, £13.80 for a pack of 60.