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Dualit Wins Six Awards at The Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards 2023

Dualit Wins Six Awards at The Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards 2023

Iconic British brand Dualit is proud to announce that it has won a total of six coveted awards at The Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards 2023. The world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme, the Great Taste Awards are judged by a panel of over 500 experts, comprising chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers, who award 1, 2 or 3 stars as a highly respected seal of approval. These annual accolades recognise the very best food and drink in the UK and all six of Dualit’s coffee products that won an award are made in the Dualit factory in West Sussex.

Food and drink that is awarded 2 stars is deemed ‘Outstanding’ – going above and beyond delicious. Less than 10% of entries achieve this rating every year, and Dualit is one of them. Products awarded 1 star are judged as ‘Simply delicious’, delivering fantastic flavour. Around 25% of entries receive this star rating every year.

Here is the list of all the awards, as well as notes from the judges, that Dualit has received in the 2023 Great Taste Awards…

Dualit Decaf Aluminium Coffee Capsules – 2 Star award

“Inviting, sweet aroma and a good-looking crema. Rich and nutty, a good depth of flavour for a decaf. The flavour blooms with a drop of milk, not only is it softened but creamy and rich. Complex and with appropriate length. We are impressed by this, as decaf can sometimes lack the vitality of regular coffee but this remains true and a pleasure to drink. We are left with a very good taste.”


Dualit Organic Columbian Aluminium Coffee Capsules - 2 Star award

“Fruit and nut on the nose, rather indulgent too and very appealing. Bold on the palate, where the Robusta has given the slightly bitter edge and some of that dark body too, but the blend is sound and the sweetness just comes in to validate the profile and lift those stewed fruit facets to make a good cup of coffee.”


Dualit Americano Aluminium Coffee Capsules – 1 Star award

“Lovely silky mouthful to this, good body and some depth to the flavour too. This isn’t a shy coffee and the sweeter biscuit aromas belie the powerfully robust bittersweet burnt sugars and hit of coffee that comes after. Definitely one for people who like a good strong cup and probably a little more than medium.”


Dualit Indian Monsoon Aluminium Coffee Capsules – 1 Star award

“A quick brew with a darker crema and a nutty nose with traces of a creamier chocolate. The dark roast comes across immediately and is quite bitter but the other flavours step in to pare this back and the soft viscosity makes the mouthfeel a pleasant one. This is a strong coffee but has been allowed to celebrate its flavours well, with some smoky spice and just enough of the malty sweeter notes to balance it all.”


Dualit Rocketcharged™ Home Compostable Coffee Capsules – 1 Star Award

“Characterful busy aromas and a darker crema with lots of body. Smooth mouthfeel but with a firm grip of the tastebuds, as the strong vegetal flavours oversee some more leathery notes that blend well together and iron out any persistent bitterness. Long lasting on the palate and pleasantly so, this is a jolly decent cup of coffee.”



Dualit Intense Compostable Coffee Bags – 1 Star Award

“Inviting praline aromas, nuts and sweetness with a good coffee kick. In the mouth there is a good body that allows the rounded flavour to engage on the palate and mellow nicely to a tasty, well balanced and moreish cup of coffee with real maturity and an elegant finish.”