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Dualit welcome a touch of Heritage to the home

Dualit announce best of British partnership with Little Greene, in association with English Heritage

Dualit welcome a touch of Heritage to the home

With a shared passion for contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, Dualit have teamed up with premium paint manufacturers Little Greene to produce a selection of special edition colours for their iconic Classic Toasters.

With Dualit's engineering know-how and Little Greene's - fully authenticated by English Heritage - colour expertise, this unique partnership really is a match made in heaven for all interior enthusiasts.
The six specially selected shades are from Little Greene's 'Colours of England' card, and bring timeless paint colours from as far back as the 1700s to the modern day kitchen.

Dualit have been the leading breakfast experts since the 1940s. Their unrivalled Classic Toaster is built to last for generations of Great British breakfasts, with fully repairable or replaceable parts. Every Classic Toaster is hand-assembled in the UK with each assembler's individual mark on the base plate - for its own unique heritage. With patented Proheat elements that have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament, Dualit's commercial quality Classic Toasters are loved by chefs, café owners and toast lovers all around the world. It's not just about perfect toast - with the optional Sandwich Cage, you can also make perfectly crisped toasted sandwiches.

  • 'Chocolate Colour' - A Classic Georgian off black, once used on the front doors of both George Frideric Handel and Benjamin Franklin. Team with fresh coloured kitchens for the perfect contrast.
  • 'Citrine' - This shade originates from 1950s interiors and is equally at home in the contemporary kitchen. Greens are fresh, fun, natural colours and the yellow base of this particular shade will suit bright modern kitchens.
  • 'Clay' - One of the warmest neutrals, Clay is a very secure colour in and around natural woods and terracotta, and offers more character than plain cream. Great to brighten darker kitchens or even to tone down a colourful space.
  • 'Dark Lead Colour' - Taking its name from the metal element rather than the pigment (which is bright white!), this colour was originally used in the 1700s to disguise exterior gates and railings. An extremely versatile grey, perfect if you are moving house, or even giving your kitchen a revamp, as it is sure to suit any space.
  • 'Heat' - Warm by name and by nature, this shade will look bright red against natural wood or a warm white. If used in a bright kitchen it will look more muted orange.
  • 'Pearl Colour' - The muted, mid-Eighteenth Century colour can sometimes look green, blue or grey depending on its environment. To bring out the colour, surround it with a soft white, or for a traditional kitchen, complement it with a stronger shade.

The new special edition Heritage Toasters are a 2013 John Lewis Exclusive

Heritage Kettles are expected to be available in stores from October 2013.
Matching Dualit's Classic Toaster - a true multi-tasking kitchen masterpiece - is a tough act to follow, but Dualit's Jug Kettles offer up a stylish companion for your kitchen counter. With a compact footprint and a generous capacity, your morning brew is sure to be perfectly prompt with Dualit's Jug Kettle.