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Dualit launches the new coffee system

Designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, the new Dualit Coffee System has been created to deliver the ultimate cup of coffee for every occasion.

Dualit launches the new coffee system

Ready to use 40 seconds, the Coffee System makes light of the morning caffeine kick without sacrificing the quality or flavour of the bean. Offering three serving options, the Coffee System caters for ground beans in both single and dual serves as well as mess free ESE Pods. Now available in a selection of four flavours with an added Decaf option, the new ESE Pods from Dualit, launching 2012 (see attached sheet), will give you a quick and simple option for your morning coffee whilst ground beans make for a relaxed evening with friends. 

With a sleek curved exterior which mirrors Dualit's iconic toasters, the Coffee System is available in a choice of stylish colours. Featuring all the design attributes you would expect from a Dualit appliance, the Coffee System is a welcomed addition to any kitchen.

The inclusion of a 15 BAR pump ensures that the Coffee System delivers the optimum pressure required for the perfect 'crema' time after time. An ultra-fast Thermobloc water heating system delivers hot water and steam on demand, dramatically reducing waiting time. The addition of an 'Automatic Purge' feature allows the machine to instantly cool from steaming to the optimum coffee temperature, consistently producing the ideal latte or cappuccino.

Simple to use with clear indicators and removable 1.5L water reservoir, the Coffee System is also incredibly easy to clean. The handy froth nozzle will create fluffy foam again and again, enabling you to wow guests with your latte art. Both the new non-slip silicone mat and pop-up feature in the drip tray help to reduce any inconvenient mess. In addition the large warming plate on top of the machine and extra cup height for long coffees also demonstrate how Dualit are always designing with the customer in mind.

Not only is the Coffee System sturdy and durable, it also packs a punch in the style stakes in Polished and Canvas White options. Built to last, the steel and cast aluminium body undergoes rigorous testing to ensure product longevity and total customer satisfaction.

Technical specifications:
Weight: 5.6kg
Size cm: 20.7(w) x 28.4(d) x 33(h)
Pressure Pump: 15 BAR
Heating system: Thermobloc
Colours: Polished and Canvas White