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Dualit Launches Second Collaboration with Colour Trend Forecaster, Anna Starmer

British manufacturer, Dualit is delighted to announce the launch of its second colour collaboration with global colour and trend forecaster, Anna Starmer for its iconic Classic Toasters and Kettles. Following months of research and development, 'The Naturals' collection comprises of four carefully chosen colours; Evergreen, Eucalyptus, Limestone and Desert. A palette of greens and warm neutral tones, the new colours draw inspiration from the world around us and reflect the growing desire for our homes to be calming sanctuaries away from our busy everyday lives.

Dualit Launches Second Collaboration with  Colour Trend Forecaster, Anna Starmer

Anna Starmer says, "In these uncertain times, we find ourselves drawn more toward the natural world for inspiration. The constant change of the seasons and the solid ground beneath our feet help to remind us that we are all part of the rhythm of life on earth. We feel a need to fill our homes with natural colours; they are calming, grounding and meditative." 

This second chapter in Dualit's partnership with Anna reflects the British brand's continued focus on colour - an extension of its careful attention to detail throughout the product development process, pairing a handcrafted approach with the latest technological advances. Renowned for its engineering excellence, with over 70 years' experience in manufacturing toasters at its West Sussex factory, Dualit acknowledges its customers' emotional connection with their purchases, with colour often being at the centre of this. The new colours will be launching on the brand's Classic Two and Four Slot Toasters as well as the matching Classic Kettle, which boasts Quiet Mark accreditation thanks to its patented Whisper Boil technology.

Alex Gort-Barten, director of Dualit says, "It has been wonderful to work with Anna again on this second chapter. A storyteller with an unsurpassed knowledge of colour, Anna has once again challenged us to look at our products in a completely different way. Our Classic Toasters are hand assembled in West Sussex, where we bring together the best engineering, latest technology and a traditional handmade ethos, juxtaposed by a restless search for the next trend. Anna's all-encompassing approach to colour perfectly mirrors our obsessive approach to engineering, making the collaboration a natural fit."

The four new shades in the 'Naturals' collection take reference from forest and earth. Green tones, Evergreen and Eucalyptus, are inspired by leaves and shoots, mirroring the anti-polluting and soothing effect of welcoming plants into the home. Meanwhile, two warm, dusted shades, Limestone and Desert, are inspired by the soft textures of sand and pebbles and are in line with the trend for using more natural surfaces in our homes.


This dark and inky green shade has been inspired by the need to fill our homes with greenery all year round. A pop of colour reminiscent of fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme, or allotment produce - artichokes, courgettes and kale. Evergreen is a timeless hue, a new classic to be loved season after season.


This is a gentle, softened shade of green with just a touch of grey, like a dusted eucalyptus leaf, or a powdery cactus. This quiet colour nods toward the on-trend green family, but would sit happily in a neutral palette of tinted greys and off-whites. Fresh as a spring morning, Eucalyptus offers a delicate tone for a calm interior.


The neutral shades that have been popular for several years in interiors have seasoned and matured, evolving into a warmer array of kitchen colours. Natural stone, raw wood and unrefined clay lend themselves to handmade products, reflecting a desire for artisan references. Limestone is a soft and rounded natural shade which will work beautifully alongside organic textures and primitive materials for an on-trend look.


A growing trend for unrefined surfaces in the kitchen has resulted in a rise in demand for tiles made of baked earth, walls of bare plaster and tinted earthy natural paints. The colour palette in these spaces appears to have been hewn from the ground, inspired by natural mud walls and shades of baked clay or unpainted terracotta. The final colour joining the Naturals collection, Desert is a shade taken from the south - the natural colour of earth homes in Africa and the warming tones of Tuscan terracotta.