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Dualit Launches Compact Bean to Go Coffee Machine

The new Dualit Bean to Go Coffee Machine features a built in coffee grinder with adjustable settings and an easy to use steaming wand, allowing a range of barista style drinks to be prepared at home.

Dualit Launches Compact Bean to Go Coffee Machine

With a stylish, neat design that will not overwhelm a worktop, users can choose to make an espresso, lungo or a unique double shot, which grinds and extracts twice for a stronger coffee perfect for lattes from the 'one touch' buttons, which can even be operated with wet hands. A powerful thermobloc heating system ensures the coffee machine is ready to use in just 40 seconds and a 'Speed' mode enables a quicker grind to extraction cycle making professional standard coffee at home easier and faster than ever before. 

The new model boasts a highly efficient grinder that offers five adjustable settings to suit a variety of coffee beans combined with a sealed bean hopper, pre-brewing infuser and automatic dose control to ensure maximum flavour and aroma. The pre-brewing infuser mixes the ground beans with just the right amount of water before extraction, unlocking the full aroma and flavour of the beans. Thanks to the built in steaming wand, a menu of coffee drinks can be prepared with ease along with other milk based drinks such as hot chocolate or warm turmeric and honey. Simply place the wand into the milk and let the machine create perfectly dense, sweet, texturised milk and foam. After steaming the machine will automatically adjust back to the optimum temperature for coffee extraction. The steam wand can also be used for hot water, ideal for fruit teas.

Thorough cleaning is crucial to maintain a hygienic coffee machine. The Dualit Bean to Go will automatically flush before every use and incorporates a dishwasher safe removable drip tray and grind container. The infuser, which ensures that flavours are never tainted when using different beans is also removable for easy cleaning. A descale function with warning light is also on board to keep the machine working efficiently.

Other features include an adjustable nozzle to accommodate a range of cup sizes, from espresso to latte, a 1.2L water tank and a programmable dosing memory, which will recall a favourite cup size. In between uses, a low power mode will kick in and there is also the option to switch to the Eco setting, which will decrease the auto shut off time and turn off the lights to conserve energy.

Price: £299.99

The Bean to Go Coffee Machine will launch in September 2018

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