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Dualit: A slice of tradition for sixty years

For 60 years, Dualit has reflected an attitude that's fundamentally British, one of quality, substance and style.

Dualit: A slice of tradition for sixty years

Combining functionality, reliability and a very recognisable design aesthetic, Dualit products still stand by the same set of beliefs that Max Gort-Barten held so dear when he set up the company in 1945. Importantly, the company is still independent, family-owned and run, and continues to manufacture the famous Vario toaster at their factory in West Sussex. 

Instrumental to Dualit's success has been the combination of proven engineering and state-of-the-art technology within its product development. From the introduction of patented ProHeat elements in its toasters and DAB technology in its radios, to the latest launch of the energy saving NewGen® toaster, Dualit products deliver on innovation as well as practicality.

Max Gort-Barten established Dualit in 1945 in a garage just off the Old Kent Road, and his first product launch was a cocktail shaker! Next was a heater with a dual function element and a light, named the 'Dual Light heater' from which the company's name was born.

He quickly moved on to developing toasters with the aim of creating a product that would make the best toast in the world. His first patented design toasted bread by flipping it over using hinged sides and then in 1955 Dualit launched a six slot toaster with integral timer - beginning the trademark Dualit design ethos and the basis for the Vario we know and love today.

The family of Dualit products continued to grow over the years with the introduction of kettles, a food processor and radios amongst others as well as an ever expanding collection of commercial appliances.

To this day, half of all Dualit products are still bought by commercial restaurants and hotels - that's how much professional chefs value Dualit products. It's not just four and six slot toasters either. Soup kettles, waffle irons, sandwich toasters, and conveyor toasters all work their socks off in some of the most famous restaurants in the world.

Because Dualit's roots are in catering, all of Dualit's products have been designed to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen and are therefore built to last. So whether you are an aspiring chef, a would be cook or anything in between, your Dualit appliance can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.

1945 Max Gort-Barten starts Dualit in a garage on the Old Kent Road
1946 First toaster patented
1952 6-slot toaster launched with integral timer
1964 Commercial waffle iron launched due to popular demand from chefs
1970 Introductions included Sandwich toasters and Bun toasters
1980 Further development of the Vario toaster to the recognisable shape we know today
1990 Introduction of kettles to the collection
2000 Food preparation products are introduced including blenders and mixers
2006 First audio product launched - the DAB Kitchen Radio
2007 Addition to food preparation family with launch of first Food processor
2008 DAB Lite Radio and Espressivo coffee machine launched
2009 Energy saving NewGen toaster and Dualit Coffee launched