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Improve your at-home coffee with the new Barista Kit!

We are excited to introduce the first of our expert barista tools into our coffee range. By offering these new tools alongside the existing Bean to Go, 3-in-1 and Espress-Auto Coffee Machines, you can now create a complete coffee shop set-up at home! Whatever style of drink, from espresso to cafetière, flat white to cappuccino, this range is all that's needed to master the art of coffee. Check out Dualit's complete range to inspire your inner barista:

Improve your at-home coffee with the new Barista Kit!

Grinding beans for immediate brewing is the best way to make a great tasting coffee. With our new Handheld Grinder, you can grind just the right amount of beans for each drink, ensuring no waste. An impressive 40 grind settings provide complete control, from super fine for a strong espresso, to coarse for a cafetière coffee.

High quality, stainless steel conical burrs ensure no heat-transfer, which keeps flavour and aroma intact. Easily removable for quick, convenient cleaning between different beans, the burrs are also adjustable depending on the grind needed. A stylish oak ball handle provides an ergonomic and comfortable design.

To use, simply weigh the coffee beans in the container, remove the handle and pour the beans into the top of the grinder. Replace the handle and turn to 'grind'.

Consisting of four essential elements, the new Barista Kit features a Tamper, Milk Frothing Jug, Thermometer and Knock Box. Available as a set in slick matte black, and also sold separately, each element works together to help create the best cup of coffee at home.

Made from stainless steel and measuring 51mm - ideal for use with domestic coffee machines - the Dualit Tamper features a clever levelling guide to ensure an even tamp for maximum flavour and consistent coffee flow. Its easily adjustable, spring loaded mechanism controls the tamp pressure for an even and level tamp every time.

The durable Knock Box can hold up to 24 double coffee pucks, and features a removable, robust knock bar to prize even the toughest pucks. The handy silicone grip on the base of the Knock Box prevents it from slipping while in use.

Featuring a generous 460ml volume for making multiple drinks, the stainless steel Frothing Jug also includes an easy-pour design ideal for creating latte art. The accompanying thermometer indicates the optimum temperature to texturise milk, helping to avoid burning. The Frothing Jug is also dishwasher safe for peace of mind.

Dualit’s Expert Barista Tips

Choosing Beans

There are two main types of bean - Arabica and Robusta. The roast will affect the strength and flavour of the coffee. Try beans from around the world - as with wine, the soil, climate and cultivation methods all affect the taste - from mild and mellow to rich and dark.

The Grind

Grind your beans just before you make a coffee - this means you can control the grind size depending on the type of coffee you're making (espresso requires a fine grind), and gives the beans less time for CO2 to escape, meaning a much more flavoursome coffee.


The perfect temperature for brewing coffee is just below boiling point; boiling water will burn the ground beans and will taste bitter, whereas a lower temperature won't extract the oils or flavour.

Dosing and Tamping

Compacting the coffee firmly and uniformly (not too tightly) forces the water through the coffee grounds in a way that extracts the best flavour. Tamping too hard will stop water flowing through. A good barista will tamper by pressing the grounds gently without tapping the filter holder, then twisting slightly to 'polish' the surface of the compacted coffee.

Frothing or Steaming

Steaming or frothing introduces tiny bubbles of air into the milk, giving it a velvety texture. You will produce better, hotter frothed milk if you use a stainless steel jug. For best results use full-fat, cold milk - the higher the fat content, the lighter the froth will be.

The Cup

Coffee should always be served in a warm cup - this will keep the coffee hotter for longer and enhance the aroma. An espresso shot in particular will get cold very quickly if poured into a cold cup.