Easter Entertaining with Dualit

From egg hunts in the park to delicious feasts with friends and family, Easter provides the perfect reason to spend time with loved ones. Here, we pick out top Dualit buys that will help you ensure Easter is stress-free and full of delectable treats!

Dualit Domus 4-Slot Toaster (£129.99)

Start your day the right way and upgrade your breakfast time with a perfect piece of golden brown toast! Domus is our latest range of toasters and kettles and we've made sure that the Domus toasters have slots large enough to accommodate bread up to 14cm long - that's "toastie loaf" sized! - and will toast right up to the edges. Dualit's optional sandwich cage also allows delicious toasted sandwiches to be prepared as well as toasting smaller Easter favourites such as hot cross buns with ease.

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Dualit Mini Oven - £149.99

Having the family around for a traditional Easter Sunday roast? The Dualit Mini Oven is indispensable when feeding a crowd and extra oven space is needed. Essential when space is limited due to its convenient ability to be placed anywhere there is a plug socket, the Mini Oven also comes with an oven tray, rack and a removable crumb/drip tray to suit all of your cookery needs. Its large viewing area allows for maximum cooking control and a quick heat up time of three minutes* is great for last minute dishes.

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Dualit Cafétiere - £49.96

Hosting a hoard of coffee lovers? The Dualit Cafétiere will keep coffee and tea fresher for longer thanks to innovative double walled insulation, which will maintain optimum brewing temperature (90-96°) for four minutes. Within its sleek stainless steel and shatter-proof design the Dualit Cafétiere boasts a unique patented dual-filter, comprised of a course mesh layer and fine layer which reduces sediment by up to 22%. The Cafétiere has an impressive 880ml capacity for making up to eight** cups, and is dishwasher safe for fuss free cleaning.

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Dualit Hand Mixer - £70

Ideal for Easter baking, the Dualit Hand Mixer comes complete with tapered beaters, dough hooks, whisk, a powerful 400W motor and multiple speed settings to cope with a plethora of kitchen tasks. Use the Hand Mixer to whisk egg whites, knead dough, mix brownie batter and create smooth butter icing. Its compact design features a retractable power cord and the plug can be inserted into the head of the mixer for easy storage after use.

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Dualit XL1500 Food Processor - £259

For larger, traditional Easter treats such as a tasty Simnel cake, the Dualit XL1500 Food Processor will handle a multitude of tasks, such as mixing the perfect cake batter with ease. We've fitted the Food Processor with a professional grade induction motor to give it impressive performing power and it comes with three interchangeable bowls, nine tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding and a unique E-disc for emulsifying liquids and a dough blade. Thanks to its innovative design and unique sealed drive system, the work bowl can be removed without any liquid escaping during use, whilst the handy Auto Pulse leaves hands free for adding further ingredients.

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Dualit Espress-auto Coffee and Tea Machine - £224.99

Treat your guests to barista style drinks at home with the ingenious Espress-auto Coffee and Tea Machine from Dualit. Whether its pleasing discerning coffee fans or tea enthusiasts, there is something for everyone. With multiple options to choose from Dualit has designed this model so it can be used for ground coffee, mess free ESE Pods, Nespresso®*** capsules, Dualit's convenient Coffee Capsule Range. Hot water, froth and steam is delivered in an instant thanks to an ultrafast, thermobloc heating system and the adjustable frothing arm is ideal for making velvety milk for lattes and cappuccinos. A dedicated tea function benefits from a temperature boost or reduction for a hotter or cooler cup of tea depending on your chosen blend.

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