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Fresh Raspberry Sauce

Serves 6/8 Prep Time 15 mins Cooking Time 0 mins

There is something about the colour and flavour of raspberry sauce, which contributes to a perfect ending to a summer meal. It is fabulous with chocolate cake or brownies, with almost any ice cream, or lightly trickled over a bowl of fresh summer berries. Stir it into sliced strawberries; lightly crush some meringue and pile into goblets with whipped cream for that quintessential English pudding – Eton Mess.

500g fresh raspberries
50g caster sugar
the juice of half a lemon

In the large bowl fitted with its chopping blade, purée the raspberries briefly using the pulse button, just enough to break them up and form a thick slush.

Set a stainless steel, medium mesh sieve over a bowl and rub the raspberry mixture through it until the mass of seeds is dry. Discard the seeds.

Rinse the bowl and blade briefly to get rid of any remaining seeds and put the strained raspberries back into the bowl, add the sugar and the lemon juice, and run the machine for several minutes until the sauce is thick and smooth.

Serve within 24 hours, or freeze.

When defrosting, whiz the sauce in the large bowl fitted with its chopping blade, to return it to its smooth, shining plump state.

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