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The first cooked side of the crepe is the ‘best’ side.
Serves makes 8 Prep Time 60 mins Cooking Time 8 mins

The first cooked side of the crepe is the ‘best’ side.

The first pancake is usually the‘tester’. It checks the consistency of the batter, the heat – which should be brisk – and the amount of batter required.

The crepes should be lacy, thin and light.

Serve with lemon juice and brown sugar, with maple syrup and raspberries, or even rolled around seafood sauce and baked.

75g (2 3/4 oz) plain flour
two small eggs
140ml (1/4 pint) milk
2 tbsp beer or lager
a pinch of salt
30g (1 oz) butter, melted
oil for frying

Place the flour and eggs in the blender and blend at Speed 5 for a few seconds.

Scrape down the jar, add the remaining ingredients (except the oil) and blend again for a few more seconds until the mixture is uniform.

Allow to stand at room temperature for 45 minutes to an hour.

Stir gently and check the consistency: it should pour easily like thick whipping cream.

Dilute with water if necessary.

Heat a small shallow frying or crepe pan, ideally 20cm (8 inches) in diameter, grease it lightly with oil and pour in just enough batter to cover the pan by about 1.5mm (1/12 inch), turning and twisting the pan to make the batter flow across in a circle.

Pour out any excess.

Set the pan squarely over the hob to ensure even cooking and, when a brown rim shows around the edge of the crepe, turn it over with a table knife or fork, or toss if you’re feeling brave.

Crepes normally cook in about 30 seconds each side.