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Creamy Black Olive, Anchovy and Tuna Paste

This recipe is Spanish and makes afabulous tapas snack, canapé or spread.
Serves 4 Prep Time 10 mins Cooking Time 0 mins

This recipe is Spanish and makes a fabulous tapas snack, canapé or spread. The better the quality of the
ingredients, the more delicious it becomes.

Serve on toasted bread which, while still hot, has been rubbed with a freshly cut clove of garlic, sprinkled with salt, and brushed with olive oil.

60g (2oz) marinated pitted black olives, packed in olive oil
30g (1oz) tinned tuna fish in olive oil, drained
30g (1oz) tinned anchovies in olive oil, drained
a pinch dried thyme
a few fresh almonds, skinned and crushed
extra virgin olive oil to taste
toast or croûtes to serve

for garnish: a few capers, rinsed

Place the first six ingredients in a large bowl, and blitz with the hand blender, scraping the sidesof the bowl down well. Add a
little extra virgin olive oil if necessary. Whiz to a thick cream.

For canapés, cut the toast into small squares and spread the paste onto them. Garnish each with a caper and a sprig of

Alternatively, press the mixture into a little china dish, put some capers and chopped parsley on top and serve with the toast.