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Intellectual Property

A commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries and listening to our customers as well as relying on gut instinct to create products that combine reliability, performance and enduring design is Dualit's mission. Invention is key to how we achieve this and is what inspires the Dualit family. This is reflected in over 100 patents (granted, pending or expired), design registrations and trademarks that Dualit currently holds.

Here, you will find all the current patents, design registrations and trademarks granted to our coffee beverage products.

Aluminium Capsules


  • GB2569042
  • GB2570310
  • GB2539929
  • GB2569197
  • GB2603825
  • GB2587340
  • DE202018006531
  • DE202018006538
  • EP3707083
  • CN305899082

Design Registrations

  • GB6025282
  • EU823770

Trade Marks

  • UK00913222286

Industrially Compostable Capsules


  • GB2503697
  • GB2503774
  • GB2545569
  • GB2539929
  • GB2519319
  • GB2552796

Design Registrations

  • 6023689
  • EU2342089 - 1 to 2

Home Compostable Capsules


  • P12029GB
  • GB2587340

Compostable Coffee Bags


  • GB2577924

Patents Pending

  • GB1816574.6
  • GB1821101.1

Design Registrations

  • 5844271