How it works

What is a coffee subscription?

Our new coffee subscription is the perfect way to ensure you never run out of your favourite coffees. Not only will you always have delicious coffees delivered to your door, you'll also receive a 10% discount on every subscription order. You're always in control of your subscription and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make changes.

Choose your items

Choose from Dualit's recyclable Aluminium Coffee Capsules, Compostable Coffee Capsules, Compostable Coffee Bags, ESE Pods or a mix of coffees. Simply select the "Subscribe and Save" option to receive a 10% discount on your order!

Set your frequency

Your subscription can be delivered every 4 weeks, every 8 weeks or every 12 weeks to suit your needs. You can select your frequency option in your basket. Don't worry though, you can always change this at a later date if you need more or less coffee!

Manage your subscription

You can easily manage your subscriptions from your account area on Dualit. Add more items, create a new subscription, pause or cancel your delivery. The best part? You're not tied into any contract so you can make any changes you'd like.

Subscribe & save

Frequently asked questions

Can you subscribe to everything in the “Coffee & Tea” section of the website?

You can subscribe to most items, but there are a few excluded from this offer. Currently, the Compostable Capsule Variety Pack, English Breakfast Tea Capsules, Ristretto Aluminium Coffee Capsules and Coffee Bag Variety Pack are excluded from subscribe & save.

Can you subscribe to some coffee items and buy some coffee items as a one-off purchase in the same order?

If all the coffee items you are trying to order are available on subscribe and save, you must order everything as a subscription or everything as a one-off purchase. You can mix subscriptions with items that are only available as a one-off purchase though. For example, you could subscribe to Americano Coffee Bags and buy a Classic Kettle in the same order. You could also subscribe to Americano Aluminium Capsules and then add a one-off purchase for Ristretto Aluminium Capsules as these are not a subscribe-able item.

How do I know how much I will be charged?

In the basket area, you will see a "Total due today" line as well as a "followed by regular payments of £x". This basket area will tell you how much your regular payment is, when the first payment will be taken and the frequency of the payments.

Will you substitute my coffee for another flavour if you run out of stock?

We aim to stay in stock of all our coffee flavours so that any subscription orders are not affected. In the unlikely event that we go out of stock, we will substitute the coffee flavour for our closest alternative. If you do not wish to receive an alternative flavour, you can opt out of this in your account area.

What happens if my payment fails?

We will automatically try to take the payment a maximum of three times. If the payment still doesn't go through, you will receive an email advising that you will need to update your payment details on your account before the order will be placed.

Can I pay for my subscription order with PayPal?

Unfortunately, at the moment you will not be able to pay for a coffee subscription via PayPal.

I've been sent a referral code, how do I use it?

In order to use a referral code, you need to have the items you'd like to purchase in your basket. Once in the basket area, look for the text under delivery information that says "Referred by a friend?" and click the link. Add the code you've been sent here and click "apply offer". Then click "return to basket" and checkout as usual. Your additional discount will have been taken off your order total.