Dualit has over 70 years manufacturing experience, focusing on Coffee Machines since the '80s and launching Coffee Capsules in the '00s. We know how to offer high quality private label products for Coffee Capsules, Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags and One Cup Filter Coffees. Our expert team offer a wide choice of flexible packaging formats tailored to your business' needs. You can opt to use your own coffee or simply use Dualit's own luxurious artisan coffee, crafted by our Master Roaster in our small batch roastery right in the heart of West Sussex.


Dualit's Compostable Coffee Bags are a fantastic extension to your coffee brand. Holding an individual, 7.5g serving of pure ground coffee and brewed in as little as three minutes. Made with recyclable and compostable materials, our Coffee Bags are the perfect container for your delicious roasted and ground coffee. Crafted by our Master Roaster in our small batch roastery in the heart of West Sussex.

Key features include:

  • Mess-free and easy to use, without compromising on taste.
  • Unique "Bloom Technology", where the Coffee Bag inflates as it fills with boiling water, to guarantee maximum flavour.
  • Individually wrapped and sealed in a protective atmosphere.
  • The protective sachets are suitable for recycling in the plastic waste stream; collection points can be found at most supermarkets.
  • The coffee bag and contents are 100% industrially compostable; ready to be put into the food waste bin.
  • The bags will be broken down in approximately 90 days using natural heat to become compost, reducing on costs and wastage.
  • Made in the UK at Dualit's West Sussex roastery.


  • All Dualit compostable coffee bags are manufactured in the UK, reducing delivery time and offering competitive pricing.
  • Made with hand-selected coffee beans crafted by our Master Roaster in our small batch roastery in the heart of West Sussex.
  • Dualit is certified by the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard as a Grade AA supplier - the highest level awarded.
  • From roast to despatch in 10 working days.
  • Packaging options include 10, 50 &100 pack box options. We also offer a range of label sizes to choose from. The label artwork can be designed by Dualit or provided by you for printing.


Pre-Trial Coffee Check

  • 200g green beans supplied by you for Dualit to test if suitable for Trial Run. Dualit checks coffee roast colour and packaging oxygen content (to determine roast to production period) amongst other things.
  • Dualit produces the packaging artwork, for you to approve prior to the Trial Run. Dualit will inform you of the result within three days of receiving the coffee. If the coffee passes, we will proceed to the trial run. If not, Dualit will advise on points of failure. You can send new beans or continue to the trial run with the same beans.

Trial Run & Production

  • Dualit will produce 100 coffee bags and inspect for sign off. If they pass, you can proceed to production. If not, if the coffee passed the pre-trial check, Dualit will offer a second trial FOC. If the coffee supplied had failed, the pre-trial check and any further trials will be chargeable.
  • When the trial run is complete and the coffee has passed, you can book a production slot with your Account Manager.


If you want to speak to our team about our private label service, call us on +44 (0) 1293 652 500 or use the contact form below.

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