Private Label Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags

Dualit has over 70 years manufacturing experience, focusing on Coffee Machines since the '80s and launching Coffee Capsules in the '00s.

We know how to offer high quality private label products for Coffee Capsules, Compostable⁺ Capsules and Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags. Our expert team offer a wide choice of flexible packaging formats tailored to your business' needs. You can opt to use your own coffee or simply use Dualit's own luxurious artisan coffee, crafted by our Master Roaster in our small batch roastery right in the heart of West Sussex.

What are Dualit’s Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags?

Dualit has a fantastic way to expand your coffee range, from Coffee Beans to Capsules to our new Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags.

These great tasting patented Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags are simple, fresh, mess free and brewed to perfection in as little as 2 minutes. Each Coffee Bag is individually packed in a nitrogen flushed atmosphere to ensure the 'just roasted' flavour your customers love is freshly locked in for at least 12 months.

Did we mention our bags were 100% compostable⁺? This means your customers can enjoy your coffee whilst looking after the environment too. Simply place our Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags and sachets into an authorised food waste bin that is collected by the council for industrial composting.

The science behind the perfect coffee

Dualit's Compostable⁺ Coffee Bags are no ordinary bags! If you want the best, Dualit's patented 'Bloom Technology' is the way forward. Your customers simply place the bag in their favourite mug, add freshly boiled water and let the bags do the rest.

Our patented Bloom Technology comes in the form of an extra-large asymmetric coffee bag, which has at least 60% air volume. When hot water is added, your fresh coffee blooms which inflates the bag, as it rises to the surface of the cup, but crucially leaves the coffee fully immersed in the water to extract maximum flavour. This results in 100% of your great tasting coffee working efficiently, for a delicious freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Why trust your brand with anybody else? Trust Dualit's tried and tested technology.

Local UK manufacturing and production

Dualit's engineering and production teams are based at our head office in West Sussex, enabling us to optimise the production process, to achieve perfection, growth and success. Dualit engineers regularly conduct trials on new machine releases and carry out testing to ensure optimum product performance. Customers trust Dualit and have associated the brand with outstanding quality products over 70 years.


If you choose to use our speciality roasted Dualit coffee, you will be getting Q Grade taste tested blends that have undergone a rigorous and strict coffee bean selection from the finest origins. Dualit's artisan coffee is then ground and sealed in the bag and sachet to lock in freshness, aromas and flavours.

Dualit’s flexible packaging formats

We have a number of options to suit what is best for your company. Please make contact if you would like more information.


If you want to speak to our team about your requirements, give us a call!

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Industrial Composting

⁺Suitable for industrial composting through authorised food waste collection schemes.