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Green Giant Smoothie

Apples, pears, spinach and ginger come together to make this vitamin packed green smoothie.

Green Giant Smoothie

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2


Made with the help of the Dualit 700W Hand Blender, this green smoothie recipe is great for your digestion and immune system. This smoothie can also be combined with ice and blended using Dualit's VortecS Blender. Our base can be made as a tasty drink, or mixed with yoghurt for a filling an nutritious breakfast!


  1. Cut the apples and pears into evenly sized pieces, ensuring that the stalk, pips and core have been removed, and place into the large blending beaker of the Dualit 700W Hand Blender.
  2. Add the washed baby spinach and your choice of liquid (coconut water, water or apple juice), alongside the chopped ginger.
  3. Use the Dualit 700W Hand Blender to blend the ingredients together until your green smoothie is completely smooth.
  4. Pour into a serving glass with ice and drink immediately.


Top Tips...

  • A teaspoon of natural honey or agave syrup can be added to your smoothie to sweeten it if desired.
  • Apples and pears can be brought in bulk, stewed in water and frozen into portions and are great for adding to any smoothie mix straight from the freezer.
  • This smoothie can be made into a healthy, tasty breakfast smoothie bowl by adding less liquid to the mixture, and instead adding a few tablespoons of natural, Greek or soy yoghurt. Serve in a small bowl with your choice of toppings (we love fresh fruit and granola) and enjoy!


Dualit Products Used

We've used the Dualit 700W Hand Blender to blitz up this super smoothie!

700W Hand Blender



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